Classy: Arizona Republicans Want A State Gun

Colt Single Action Army, serial No 5773 7th Ca...

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Weird timing considering the recent shooting of  congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona by a crazed gunman, but a group of over 40 Republican state legislators are pushing to adopt the Colt single-action army revolver as Arizona’s official state gun. Do other states outside of Utah (by the way a state I have no interest in visiting) have an official state gun? You’d think Republicans would put this push on pause as a “good taste measure”, I mean honestly its only been a couple of months since the shooting. But hell, wasn’t Sarah Palin‘s website posting gun rhetoric, bull’s eyes and such on states such as Arizona. It’s funny how oblivious and “blood libel-y” she acted when asked about the possible connection/responsibility of some of her gun-rhetoric. Something to think about.

— Rob Lee