The €


My kush straight from afghan,
we kick it like the can-can,
wit bad hoes doin handstands,
Mid 80s nig in 70s style homes, american bandstand,
I dont have to grandstand,
but the stick put em to sleep,
melatonin,  sandman,
and and, I got kicks like punting,
when a bitch keep fronting,
makes me sick to stomach,
be real wit it,
you say u falling for me,
you wanna meal ticket,
revenue don’t play that shit,
never trip just back flips,
just roll my shit then trips to saks fifth, that shit will Change an attitude,
then ill change my latitude,
Shang tsung masterful,
that’s is my ranking,
Scotch nice, I’m drankin’
exotic biddies flanking
bustin makes me feel good,
pete venkman

Rob Lee, the King snake, Thulsa Doom, Lord Lee and the list goes on. The man has as many aliases as Method Man. He's also man with many interests from pop culture to human behavior. He's patterned his life after bolsterous comedians such as Patrice O'Neal, fictional lovers such as Lee Plenty and Japanese weirdo wrestlers like as Shinsuke Nakamura. If you know who any of these people are, Rob Lee is for you. Check him out on Robcast and Mtrocast weekly on

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