About Us


Robcast is our weekly show covering everything from geek culture to the weirder news across the globe. Hosted by Rob Lee and Dann D, get lost in the incessant chatter of our times.


Mtrocast is the older, more responsible brother podcast to the Robcast. Mtrocast covers more serious topics such as social justice, racism and relationships. For those with a social conscious, Mtrocast answers the questions we’re all hesitant to ask.

Cummin’ Soon

Cummin’ Soon is our sex education show starring our resident sex educator, Lisa and our resident loudmouth, Rob Lee. This show is here to educate, demystify and discuss the hottest topics in sex.


Oneshots are the show which do not have a set schedule. Oneshots come from the comic term and have a finite timeline or become a regular show on the network. Oneshots include – Words, Cummin’ Soon with Lisa & Rob, I Put You On To, Attitude Era with Greg & Rob. Tune in and zone out.

Operation Burn1

Much like Mission Impossible, Rudo was left with a challenge that seemed insurmountable. The challenge, which he acceptable, was to complete a blunt while his youngest kid slept. Rudo is a multitasker Eventually a recorder was added because the conversations were hilarious. Operaton Burn1 grew out of multitasking. Check out some of Rudo’s hard work.


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