March 13

Crown City Cooking | Foodgitive Review


French Fries on a completely different level.

Of all the trends that have come out in the last decade, food trucks will forever be my favorite. Despite blow back from brick & mortar restaurant owners, Baltimore has been a thriving community for these savvy entrepreneurs. Most of my food truck dining happens at Gatherings or whenever I’m randomly roaming around the city, so when a never before seen food truck sets up shop on the same block as my day job, I gravitate towards it without hesitation. 


Enter Foodgitive, a local food truck that specializes in something so indulgent, you won’t think twice about breaking that diet you’ve been working on since New Years. Cheesesteak fries sound like a simple concept, but what sets Foodgitive apart from the competition is that they deliver on both quality and quantity. For $10 you get a massive amount of fries, steak meat and all the fixings (if you so choose). Chopped Angus beef can’t be beat in this humble foodie’s opinion. It’s as if someone resurrected the sacred overstuffed sub from Captain Harvey’s and replaced the roll with a heap of crispy fresh fries. I ended up taking half of my meal home for dinner (which I immediately inhaled as soon as I changed into a loose fitting pair of pj’s).


My only regret was not getting fried onions, a mistake I plan to rectify the next time these food magicians come careening into town. Check them out on Facebook to find out where they will be throughout the week.



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March 13

Robservations | Bad Dads


“I know nothing about being a parent.”

Hey man – Rob Lee here and I have something on my mind – bad dads.

I’ll be the first one to say it – “I know nothing about being a parent.” As I’m not a parent, I’ve been a kid and I had good parents. Being a dad from what I’ve seen can be optional and being a good dad is uncommon from what most people say. I try to rally for the dad when petty women complain on Father’s Day about the lack of “real fathers” (he probably didn’t want your Looney Tunes ass in his life so he had to also abandon the kid to avoid you! – food for thought).

Rudy, my brother, is a dad and he’s still learning his way, evolving to a better parent – I think that’s something we must make a commitment to if we feel it is important. You don’t just stop one day and are suddenly the greatest parent ever – hell no. My boy, Tron, does a good job as a dad – he takes pride in being a father and wants to grow and foster a relationship with his child despite impediments.

Good Fathers

Good fathers deserve more credit that they get – my dad was hard on us growing up but he grew into a father I dig – Dann’s dad left a huge hole in his life speaking to the impact or impression a good dad has – granted they’ll never be most praised and lauded mothers. Not all moms are good mothers but socially we laud them in a way that excuses lack of growth parentally or nurture. My mother is great – over protective at times but I need that. I never raised a kid but I know bad parenting, because I know shitty people – I know them well.

An Observation of Bad Parenting

So, I was on the train today headed into the office – the passengers are generally a hodgepodge of Baltimoreans headed West. I see this Migos-reject – I’ve seen before – you know the type, a scrawny, wanna-be alpha male – this fucker would stand in my way – essentially trying to box me out – without consideration of my tact nor the fact that I could maul him. I heard him berating someone – I thought it was the light-skinned woman he’s usually with. It wasn’t and then it dawned on me – I was the little girl that they’re likely with – possibly their daughter.

It was just him and the little girl – she had to be 3 years old. He tells her “he’s going to beat her ass.” I’m not against spanking and so on – whatever not my problem but I noted it. We get off at the same stop – he and the girl are in front of me but within earshot. He dickhead drops to a knee to berate the kid further – I don’t remember what he said but I remember my response – I saw RED.

I sped up my gait to catch up to them. I them slowed by gait as not to move pass them but to be right there so he could see me. I wanted to protect the kid – I don’t know what she could have done to elicit his wrath but I’m assured it wasn’t worth it. I also thought as the three of us ascended on the escalator of what type of person would she become – this obviously wasn’t her first experience with her possible dad but it annoyed me.

We went our separate ways. I just hope the girl is OK and her possible dad becomes less of a cunt.  It’s a process I believe, he has a opportunity to improve as a man, as a father and as a parent. Let whatever the anger is go.

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March 12

Robservations | Beer

I spend most weekends with this woman and she can attest to my beer snobbery as well

Hey maaaaaan, Rob Lee here and I have something on my mind – beer. I’ve always has some relationship with beer as far back as a kid – I remember my parents letting me have a sip of beer – this was a completely supervised, non-reckless way of showing one’s offspring of how to drink responsibly without being preachy. It’s something my girlfriend uses with her son. Speaking of my girlfriend, I spend most weekends with this woman and she can attest to my beer snobbery as well. Let’s jump back a bit, once I moved into my own place and started to develop a preference in what I like in people, food and libations. I was drinking light beer initially and that wasn’t cool to me – the flavor was lacking. My beer journey I think is much like my weed journey – I started off within an entry level item then, within a short time, I’ve become a trusted reviewer of a particular strain or in this case brew. What I will submit to you today is the last five beers I’ve had and give a review.

  1. Feed the Monkey | Jailbreak Brewing Company

I discovered this beer at Birrotecca during a date with my girl. It’s a staple beer for me – a nice wheat ale with subtle notes of fruit – full disclosure, I don’t know all of the nose, palate stuff – I just know what I like an I like this beer. Drink often.

2.Tangerine Haze | Stillwater Artisanal Ales

I had this one at Atomic Books this weekend. It’s a decent beer – it’s very creative which is something I appreaciate. I’m a cowboy or explorer in that way. This is tastes like a fruit drink and is very sneaky – because it’s “artisanal” there’s a premium cost here. Drink during the summer, sparingly.

3.Hitochino Nest Red Rice Ale | Kiuchi Brewery

This has been a point of contention – I has this brand at Yama Sushi in Hampden. I loved the Hitochino Nest White Ale. Since, I’ve gone to three maybe four liquor stores to procure. I usually leave disappointed but with a sense of smuggery. Usually the staff working in the craft beer department want to show off their knowledge. I go back to say, Wells in Towson, ask for the “bottle with the owl on it” – I didn’t remember the name then it comes to me. One of the guys has a knowing glance of my superior beer snobbery and tells me unfortunately we’ve not carried it in a year. Dammit! This happens at least twice more! To the Red Rice Ale, it’s OK. Not my favorite – it reminds me too much of Saké, which isn’t a flavor it like. I have another on had as these are also pretty expensive due to supply, I’m sure. I’ll try it colder and maybe that would help. Drink this last one and move on to other Asian beers.

4. Resurrection | The Brewer’s Art

This was a staple for a while and it more of an entry level for me. It’s great and was recommended by one of my buddies from Reflection Eternal in Charles Village. It’s an Abbey-style dubbel so it falls into the Belgian terrotiory as most of the beers I like. The alcohol content is high as well. Drink this on a night out with friends.

5.Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier | Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan

This is my current favorite style and brewer. This beer goes with just about anything – it’s not heavy and it’s a top beer for me and I always look for it. Drink and keep drinking.

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