Mastermind Team’s Robcast 199 | Dillon, You Son of a Bitch

An episode where Rob Lee and Dann D. talk backpages, geekologie and Predator .

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MTR | Non-Con Adventure – Ghosts of Podpast

Rob Lee is visited by an old host and catching up ensues.

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MTR | A Non-Con Adventure – Massive Attack

An episode where panic attacks, mental health and weird album covers are discussed.

Previously on MTRtheNetwork

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Mastermind Team’s Robcast 198 | A Non-Con Adventure – Vibing

Dann & Rob discuss comedians as rappers, Rob’s LA trip and movie lies.

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I Put You On To | Toro Y Moi

Originally icons of the lo-fi chillwave style, over time Chaz Bundick project’s evolved into something livelier and harder to pin downFor more

Included in this episode;

Intro:  Want – Samantha

  1. The Usual
  2.  So Many Details
  3. Still Sound
  4. You Hid
  5. Low Shoulder
  6. Girl Like You
  7. Tight (Produced by Toro y Moi) by Kool A.D., Lakutis and Mr. Muthafuxkin Exquire
  8. Say That

Artist Selected Discography

  • 2010 – Causers of This
  • 2011 – Underneath the Pine
  • 2013 – Anything in Return
  • 2015 – What For?
  • 2017 – Boo Boo

Artist Social Media


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He towers over her – a variation of more than 1 foot. She’s slightly north of 5 feet while he’s well over 6 feet.  He is a man described as rebellious, intimidating and mildly mercurial while she was the opposite in many respects. She is a writer, well read with a strong vocabulary while he uses the gift of gab to conceal his abhorrence for reading. He’s structured, always planning, his mind the ever-rotating hamster wheel while she’s calculated, precise and considerate. She has the power over him – she’s in control and knows how to exhibit that control, he admires that.

He believes a man’s approach to a relationship is much-like an unskilled boxer’s approach – straight ahead – taking damage to give damage. In his mind, that’s not effective for the long term. He also believes that women are more refined and exhibit a methodology more akin to Judo, “the gentle way”, where women don’t have to nudge, urge or coerce their partner like the aforementioned boxing analogy – simply, women use the energy of their partner to reach the desired result. He admires Judo. You don’t get hurt in a Judo match, he thinks. He’s learning Judo from her.

She is his partner, his mistress, his mead – intoxicating, amber-like and from a heaven-like plane. She seeks to understand him, allows him to be free while wanting him close, she’s a mentor in many ways. She’s his penny – wise, foolish and his candy. He’s is her Scotch , bold yet smooth and not for everyone – an acquired taste.  He’s her protector,  prepared to destroy anyone who hurts her while still capable of providing love, companionship and deference.

Both are travelers with no destination. Mutually they feel that the destination is where they’re at in a given moment, the destination is alone and together.

Cummin’ Soon with Lisa & Rob Lee | 14 – In Space No One Can Hear You Cum

An episode where sex in space is discussed.

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 197 | Blazing Saddles

An episode where Rob Lee and Dann D discuss sexual progress, Baltimore Pride and 4 Hours of Funk.

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