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75: He Had Feengas In The Ayr But Wasn’t Ready For That Picture…

Rob and Torin talk about Jesse James Thomas, Pissy IT Guys, Montgomery Co.‘s Dark Knight, Cat-head Baseball and much more.

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68: Everything Is Purple (mtrthenetwork.com)

Oneshot: Aligator Fuckhouse X Drinking A Big Cup Of Torin…
Man wearing sombrero and boxing glove leaps onto cop car (thegrio.com)

Learn The Alphabet, Children

Srsly, this needs to be framed. Extra points if you can name all the character from this “ABC”

A Crisis of Infinite Vaginas

Crisis. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FllOSB4GspM&feature=player_embedded]

Clearly, we need to redefine the word ‘crisis’.

— Rob Lee