May 9

Not Your Mama’s Sex | Ep. 2 – The Anal Sex Course

In episode 2 of #Notyourmamassex – we discuss Myoshi reminds her friends she’s the interesting one despite being celibate and single.  Rob Lee updates the current status of his relationship.

This episode is dedicated to anal sex – call this episode Anal 101 or the Prerequisite of Ass.  Myoshi goes into relationship enhancement specialist mode and breaks down by women aren’t into anal sex – remember IF IT HURTS YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG – for the people late or and in the back IF IT HURTS YOUR DOING IT WRONG.

On #notyourmamassex we breakdown the does and don’t for anal sex. Firstly, Communicate well with your partner – preparation is important – none of this spur of the moment stuff doesn’t fly. Secondly, anal training is important – treat it like developing muscles – grab a butt plug or use a finger. In the anal gym you don’t want to start off with the equivalent of a 50-lb dumbbell when you should really be using a 10-lb weight, so start off small and move up gradually – maybe the tongue to a finger then to a penis, additionally relax. Relaxing is important for the muscles being receptive and not tense – orgasms beforehand also help the muscles within the body to relax – so get to it.

On the other side, #notyourmamasex doesn’t want to yuck your yum but wants you to be safe. For starters, stay away from the coconut oil and choose a good quality silicone based lubricant – use it liberally. There’s not enough scientific study on coconut oil for instance – it interferes with the integrity of latex and can throw off a woman’s ph balance.

Lastly, positions are important for anal play. Missionary and doggy-style aren’t the best for anal play. Despite Rob’s tactical penis, the receiver should be in control it comes to how much penis they’re taking in.

Episode 1 is available on everywhere great podcasts are found – podbean, google podcasts, apple podcasts, stitcher and so on

Shoot #notyourmamassex an email @ and Not_Your_Mamas_Sex_ and use the hashtag #notyourmamassex on Instagram and mtrthenetwork

Warning: Not Your Mama’s Sex is not for the faint of heart! If you have any sexual hang-ups please walk away because this podcast gets real.

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February 14

Robservations | Even Men Like Flowers

Hey maaaaaan, Rob Lee here and I’ve gotten something for the first time. Today is Valentine’s day and usually I don’t get to in depth into my personal relationship but today I must write. I’ve written about girls I’ve dated in the past and I’ve detailed relationships or situationships – say it with me – situat-ion-ships – in the past. So, this is going to be a bit different.

It’s a Jungle out there

Mtrthenetwork has been my longest relationship. It has outlived two long-term relationships. In its infancy MTR was just Mastermind Team’s Robcast and I did the show with my girlfriend and he cousin. It was an ok show – some of those early episodes are dreadful but I learned my voice. When the relationship ended with my cohost, Tiffany. The show was in limbo – this was a period where I took a break for a few months and then linked up with Torin & Dann. This was in 2010. The show changed and was more focused on weird news and I was just hanging with my friends. Eventually I met a girl named Theresa and we dated for a few years. That relationship ended and MTR nearly did as well. So for the next 2 years, I dated frivolously. I was tired, drained and heartbroken. I was tired of experiencing that and aspects of the show suffered – namely that I wasn’t regularly producing episodes. Once I committed to non-commitment I was able to get back to dating. Oftentimes, I would talk and even blog about relationships. Mtrocast started as me and Rob Phoenix talking about online dating and relationships. Also, there is a Oneshot I did with Yolanda called ‘Rob is a thot’. That was an interesting time in the jungle.

A Love Supreme

In reality land, I worked at a college and under my nose while the aforementioned jungle shit was happening, a woman who would eventually be my friend, then lover, then salvation was working in a polka dot dress. Kumari, the Ku, my girlface, is great she’s helped me grow so much as a creator and as a person. I’m very happy and I’m taking more risks than I have ever when I comes to dating, creating and relating (I don’t know what I mean here but it rhymes and rules of three for comedy.) Mostly, I work routines and work out my own philosophy on life with her. That brings me to today I was at the current reality land job and I get a notice that there was a package for me – flowers. I was completely surprised and had no idea what it was – initially I thought stalker, ex-lover or secret admirer. All of which gave me a touch of anxiety. I opened it and read the card which reads “Even men like flowers” – which is something I said in conversation with Ku. I was a wonderful surprise and put a huge smile on my penis…I mean face.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Lord Lee

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