February 28

Robservations | Lightweight Racism

They’re not alternative they’re just black folks – it’s like marketers want Afropunk to be a demo instead of something organic.


Hey maaaaaaaan, Rob Lee here and I have something on my mind – lightweight racism. Check it – Racism happens every day – it’s deplorable. Many people think it’s bad when it’s out and in the open like a visceral, almost cartoon villainy sort of racism. I prefer that version of racism – it’s like the movie “They Live” sans the glasses. I like to judge people on their merits regardless of any other factor. Do I slip outside of that value? Hell yes I do and often. Am I racist? No. But those bias, compounded, paint a picture and, over time, become one’s feelings. I work hard not to allow that to fester – I try to detach myself and work under the idea that I know nothing. As a black male, I find myself in many quasi-racial situations. Here are a few that I observed.

News Anchors

I try to not watch the news – it stinks! It’s bad for you – stress and injustice run rampant in news reporting with a few minutes of fluff and non-stress inducing news. There is some tech discussion and medical news but mostly shit. The one thing that I notice is when there’s the smooth brother – he’s presented as a token. I watch him and he’s a decent reporter but he’s almost a puppet. I black face saying, presenting and operating like a white male. It’s the news equivalent of “Get Out”. It’s strange to me – suddenly the black guy is mad corny. I’m not saying that because he’s black that he’s gotta have flavor. No, not at all. It just doesn’t seem authentic. Further, peep Don Lemon since Trump has been in office – his normally closely, corny black guy cropped hair has been replaced with a big of a light afro. I see that shit. It’s light weight racism because news anchors to many is where we get our news and information – so if we’re looking at some corny but that looks like us we’re confused, annoyed or in some pockets inspires – that’s the way we should act. It’s like searching for the white man’s love and their comfort.

Office Culture

I’ve spoken about office culture at length on Robservations but here’s something that I have really covered. So, I’ve almost always worked with white folks – that’s not uncommon. I’ve heard so many white people microaggressions that one’s head would spin. I am pensive. I observe, inventory and move on. Many people would react. For instance, I work with white women and they aren’t great leaders – they lead by fear and intimidation via e-mail and work edicts. They ignore common courtesy. However, that same energy isn’t there in the streets or even in the super market. They’re afraid of what I as a black man represent. I’ve actually seen a senior level office peer who shops at the same high-priced store – she was sporting white girl cornrolls – she saw me, refused to acknowledge me. We were both buying cheese. I saw her the next day at work and she had her normal office energy. I think it’s a cycle of attempting to break black people. Conform or leave. It’s not inherently racist because it’s not cartoony but it’s racist because culturally the message is you’re not good enough as is – as is happens to be black or a person of color. In addition, how many white guys have I noticed who answer with “yo” or try to be extra cool – cringy cool around black guys? Tons.

TV Executives

This one is recent – that Donald Glover interview. So, Donald mentioned his picture for making Atlanta and the only way the word ‘nigga’ could be used is if a white character could say it. Imagine that. The gull of executive telling someone who’s black and writing a black show that he had to allow an ancillary white character to say ‘nigga’. It’s strange. The executives, likely white, knows what’s best for the black audience. Atlanta’s audience is 50% black. Granted executives know their work and their audience but how do they know when they typically don’t have the experiences of a specific ethnic group. Representation matters and even behind the scenes. You don’t want a monolithically monochromic melaninless group making all the decisions. Just take notice when black people are written they don’t seem black – they don’t feel authentic.

Alt Blacks

Lastly, Alt black people. They’re my people but why aren’t they just black. Who’s determining their alternativeness? They dress weird, like art and attend Afropunk. They’re not alternative they’re just black folks – it’s like marketers want Afropunk to be a demo instead of something organic. To say they’re alternative suggests that they don’t fit into the black mold. That’s ludicrous! What black mold? Where are the alt-white – the closest thing to that is the alt-right and white people quickly distance themselves from those dicks. I associate myself with alt-black that I reject the typical banality, our lot in life. A lot that was created, programmed without our consent and well before we came along. Alt black are free to be whoever, love whoever and do whatever.




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February 21

Robservations | Downtown Baltimore

Hey maaaaan. Rob Lee here and there’s something on my mind – downtown Baltimore. So I work, in reality land aka my day job, in downtown Baltimore. Downtown has always been a part of my life from weekly visits with my parent to Lexington Market to recently performing Mastermind Team’s Robcast at The Annex Theatre. It’s historic down there – but it’s also hollow. There are my condemned buildings and can feel like a ghost town at night. With those condemned building there are also condemned people. I’ll provide a quick list, a top 3 of condemned people you’ll see in downtown Baltimore.

Downtown Baltimore | Number 1 ~ Hustlers

These are the men, women and children you’ll see asking for money one way or another. From the fake-Muslims selling ill-begotten and knock-off goods on Howard Street or the drug dealers. Here’s the thing about drug dealers – they think they’re clever by calling weed “loud”. You’re selling trash, my guy. I smoke weed and calling something “loud” doesn’t impress me, call it something whimsical – like imagine a drug dealer – you can notice them by their dingy True Religion jeans, knockoff chains and new balances – saying “Yo, I got that magic.” I may be inclined to buy. I’m still sure it’s dirt weed. Also, you have the squeegee kids – ever in danger of getting hit by a car anywhere on Martin Luther King Boulevard. Lastly, you have panhandlers. We have a terrible homelessness problem in Baltimore but some of these fuckers are aggressive and entitled. You may say you don’t have any cash and they have a counteroffer- like “Aren’t you going to 7-11? Ask for cash back.” Da fuck?!!!

Downtown Baltimore | Number 2 ~ Addicts

There’s been talk about an opioid epidemic but strangely it only became a topic once the suburbs and middle America started becoming impacted. For years, in fact, decades, I’ve seen people in Lexington Market and surrounding streets in the grips of the junkie lean. People like drugs but Downtown is gnarly and the addicts need what they need – they’re sick. I won’t blame them for their sickness but I will blame them for being dogs. How are they dogs? You’re asking – here’s how – you know how a dog shits on the sidewalk – well these zombie-like addicts do the same – I can’t watch my every step with insane drivers out here downtown rushing to beat DC traffic to also avoid the mounds of what I can only accept as human feces. Surely there’s no pack of large dogs roaming and shitting downtown – there are addicts too. But honestly, I get it and again it’s not their fault at all – for their addiction – for shitting it’s totally their fault. There are many conditions from mental health to genes that contribute to their addition. Additionally, they can be a source for unexpected comedy and introspection. Addicts can say the darndest things and they can make you think of your own life decisions.


Downtown Baltimore | Number 3 ~ Wypipo (whi-te-peo-pl-e)

Lastly, the whites – always last but always around. The aforementioned groups aren’t segmented by race but this group certainly is. This group has a duality in my opinion – there are some who genuinely love downtown for its grim and grit while other fake love it and have a savior mentality. The lovers are the artsy, liberal types who may have a problem holding down a traditional job but are the shit – not addict shit – but theeeeeee shit. They’re genuinely good people. Conversely the others are horrible – they’re fake claiming to be a city dweller but secretly and even as microaggressions hate the city. They talk about how unsafe it is, which is a valid point, but they’re coloring that point. Like every addict or hustler happens to be a ‘non-white’ and they’re afraid. They have this savior complex like every racial, cultural or classist criticism is said to affect change. It’s not, you’re just complaining. They may work for a law firm and do a few things downtown but live in Manchester, MD or Odenton. You’re from the county so don’t speak on city problems. As we’ve seen, county folk don’t get the city nor do they care about it’s best interest – what’s cracking Larry Hogan?


So there you have it – my top three of people you’ll see in downtown Baltimore. Do you agree? Did I forget anyone? Let me know in the comments or via email at mtrthenetwork@gmail.com

February 11

Crown City Cooking | Urban Pie vs Screamin’ Sicilian

Whenever I have a craving for frozen pizza, my instinct is to grab a thin crust, three cheese Tombstone pizza. Always delicious, never disappointing, it’s safe to say I’ve been eating Tombstone off and on for over two decades. Recently, my local grocery store ran a sale on various brands of frozen pizza, excluding my life long favorite from the list. Never shy to try out new things, I decided to grab two different pizzas and hold a side by side review, with a clear winner being declared at the end.

First up, a four cheese pizza with garden tomatoes and pesto by Urban Pie. I was drawn to this pizza because of the pesto, now I know better. It’s my new belief that you should never trust frozen pesto. While the sliced mozzarella and tomatoes cooked perfectly, the pesto combined with the overall grease, creating a weird green oil that covered the pizza like a poisonous trap set for the TMNT. With no sauce to barricade the dough from everything else, the whole thing started firm but became limp and inedible. I picked through the tomatoes and gooey moz before scrapping the rest.

Screamin’ Sicilian is a brand I’ve been meaning to check out for a while. Their adverts are catchy and the names of their foods are clever, it only made sense to pick them for the purposes of this review. I picked a four cheese pizza affectionately called “Bessie’s Revenge”. Unlike the pesto pizza, the sliced mozzarella turned out toasted, mimicking the outer skin of a marshmallow. Weird but still very edible. The dough was somewhat fluffy for a thin crust pizza but still snapped with crispy perfection. Bessie’s Revenge sported a tomato sauce that was more spicy than robust but went very well with the melty, creamy Wisconsin cheese.

You’d think by this point, the clear winner would be obvious, but you’d be wrong. While Urban Pie’s wimpy, grease filled pizza is no comparison to Screamin’ Sicilian’s crispy, flavor filled circle of wonder, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had eaten Screamin’ Sicilian before. That’s when it hit me, the spicy tomato sauce, the multitude of creamy cheese, the perfectly crisp crust… this is a Tombstone on a different level. If I had to categorize it, I would say that Bessie’s Revenge is the perfect gourmet rendition of a Tombstone frozen pizza. The ingredients are elevated, the sauce and crust a bit thicker, but the warm happy feeling you get as you take your first bite remains the same. The only real difference here is price.


So to reiterate, never trust frozen pesto and when in doubt, get a Tombstone.




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May 29

Dating, Hookups and Ex-cess


How’s it going, gang? I usually stick to the podcasting and schtick, but when I write something it’s safe to say that I’ve got something on my mind. Something that is grinding my gears. The following will describe things I’ve been dealing with over the last two years.




I am single. I’m a non-monogamous man. In that lack of monogamy, I’ve discovered so much about myself as far as sexuality, communication, and event how I think. This has been a great adventure to learn more about myself. I like facets of entertaining multiple women and/or spending the majority of my time with one. In dating, I’m more picky as to who’s worth my time or energy, whereas before, I someone like me, in many instances, I felt like it’s impolite to not date them. Idiot.


I don’t have that fear of monogamy. During the aforementioned period, I’ve considered dating, honestly venturing back into monogamy with a few women. I actually dated one and it was cool. She moved to another country and I was fine with that. It was more of a clean break and I didn’t feel like I was left “holding the bag”. Yes, I compared breakups to bank robberies here. Someone, whether it’s divorce or a relationship ending, is spending more unjustly.


As I said before I learned a lot. Some through self-discovery and some through therapy. I know I was profoundly influenced by how people perceived me. Overly image conscious and tried to give people version of me I thought they wanted. That prevented me from connecting. Now I’m more of a take or leave kind of lad. I know I’m not the most emotionally open individual, so if that’s what a woman wants from me she’ll have to be around for a while. I’m not an open book but I am thoughtful, empathetic and a genuine man. I try to practice the approach of “non-bullshit” and “neutrality” when it comes to sticky situations like dating and hookups. I’ve also got into my more adventurous side, my creative side and being more confident. I’ve developed an interest in bondage. I write more (I’m unsure if I’ve gotten better at it). I can confidently say I’m the shit – insofar, I am more body positive when it comes to myself. I used to have some much shame on my body from being overweight to how big my cock is. This period of being single allowed me to meet me. I like me, he’s a cook sumbitch.




Segue, motherfucker, Segue. We live in a hookup culture. I am late to this as I was a monogamous man for about 10 years. I was that guy who did everything for his girlfriend. I put the pussy on a pedestal instead of the chain wax. Ha. I lived in a symbiotic relationship and was happy with it. Never cheated nor had many arguments. Each relationship resulted in me having a broken heart after being cheated on.

Once I discovered hookups as a supplement to dating, I’ve developed a preference for it. Not in a typical, “of course you would, all men love sex”. It’s moreso a position of variety. I want to develop meaningful relationships – yes, hookups are a form of a relationship. It’s a mutual thing for both or multiple parties that have to be managed much like a traditional “relationship” relationship.

Hookups do have pitfalls because feelings can and will get involved. Hookups, also, are a “relationship at will” to the fullest degree. I think all relationships are at will but hookup oriented relationship lacks the connection which allows them to be easily moved on from. Hookups are a confidence booster at times. I’ve gotten some of the most interesting, albeit possibly disingenuous compliments, about my “sex game” than I ever got in my longest relationship. Which brings me to…




I call this “Ex-cess” because one must experience the cessation of talking, communicating or attempting to be friends with your ex. I’ve made this mistake. I know it’s something that we’re conditioned to not do and I shouldn’t have done it but as I said earlier I had to learn things on my own. Further, I am a motherfucking rebel. So, I didn’t talk to my last ex for the better part of a year. She moved away, we tried and LTR but it failed when she cheated. She, or which I learned recently her current boyfriend, would send me little mean, childish messages challenging my manhood and such. It bugged me but I ignored them. Until one day, recently, she contacted me with the desire to talk and absolve herself of guilt. She told me things that I knew and I forgave her.

Actually, I forgave her once she revealed she cheated. I don’t hold grudges for decisions someone makes even when it hurts me. It pissed me off, hurt me but I didn’t hate her. She appeared to not have much faith in her relationship and would talk to me. She claimed to have missed that. I obliged because honestl,y it was good to talk to her. As we’re talking it seems that we could manage an actual friendship. There were no hard feelings and we determined that distanced fucked our relationship up. They there’d be periods where she’d use her boyfriend as her out. She’s want to restrict conversation because her boyfriend, who seems very insecure, would catch feelings.

Yesterday, we chatted about the idea of seeing each other this Summer, nothing nefarious, maybe grab lunch. She was down for the idea and seemed happy that I’d even do it. Then hours later, “I can’t see you, don’t come, it wouldn’t be right.” Her rationale seemed so codependent and looking for the approval of this dude. I attempted to appeal to her logically but eventuall,y I gave up with a “fine”. I had no juice for it. I was reserved to the idea of seeing her, not to win her heart back. I wonder what her intentions were. Would she want me to try that? Where her intentions impure? Who knows? But this scenario has taught me to cease talking. What’s the point?


If you took anything out of this message here, reply back and I’d love to know your thoughts.

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April 25

An Idiot’s Guide to the NFL Draft

An Idiot’s Guide to the NFL Draft

With a few days away from the NFL’s biggest spectacle and more questions arise heading into the day coming more than answer that will be determined there. Yes, the easy questions of who is picking who will be answered immediately, but there are those questions that will be asked until the end of the season and they won’t be easily answered. So for those who are in attendance and have virtually no clue what is going to happen; this is the article you should read.

Now, onto some of the questions awaiting to be answered?

Who’s the number one pick in this draft year’s draft?
I think this is probably the most obvious answer. This guy

Seriously, Tampa needs a QB worse than virtually any team at the moment. With the weapons they have in Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson, and Austin Seferian-Jenkins all over 6’3’ by the way, should not be the 25th best passing offense with 206.1 yards a game. It’s pretty sad to see passes like this being thrown in any game. Just look at Josh McCown’s stats for proof:

Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int
184 327 56.3 2,206 6.7 11 14
Yikes!! That would scare the living hell out of me if that was my team’s starting QB. Hello Cleveland!! But in reality Jameis is the best QB in this draft and Tampa cannot afford to whiff on this pick, Jameis is their guy, and they do need to address their Offensive Line, after cutting Anthony Collins after one year of his massive deal. But at this moment, barring any trade Jameis is the clear cut number one. NEXT

What General Managers need to have a good draft this year? Now, we’re getting to the good questions here. Virtually five GMs are on thin and I mean very thin Ice this offseason and probably will be gone next year regardless of what they do.

Thomas Dimitroff Atlanta: He gambled BIG TIME with the Julio Jones trade, and while Julio has been an elite WR when he’s healthy it’s the fact defense has been ignored and they are paying the price for it. It doesn’t help when the new head coach has overall say in personal. .
Ray Framer Cleveland: Hello Mr. Farmer!! Welcome to the Browns bad string of GMs club!! Michael Lombardi, Phil Savage, George Kokinis, Tom Heckert, Dwight Clark, and Butch Davis are here also. Say hi everyone!! It really sucks to be a Brown’s fan.
Reggie McKenzie Oakland: The Raiders actually had the best draft in 2014 in my opinion. Khalil Mack looks like a stud. Derrick Carr will be the franchise QB, and Gabe Jackson looks like a steal at Guard. However, McKenzie’s record since being named GM has been underwhelming. Winning a combined 11 games in three years will put anyone on the hot seat.
Ruston Webster Tennessee: I’m with you Titans fans. I have no idea how he still has a job. His draft history is pretty bad. They no identity on either side of the ball and they went 2-14 last year. Look, I hope Dick LeBeau and Ray Horton fix this defense and they find their franchise QB to repair this once-proud franchise, but they need everywhere, expect a trade from their spot or a move for a certain QB in San Diego.
Jerry Reese New York: His recent draft history minus OBJ has been brutal. They haven’t produce on the field either. They need to make the playoffs this year or he’s done for.
What potential pick scares the hell out of you?

Speaking of the Giants, nothing would make me shit my pants more than them drafting Amari Cooper with the 9th pick. Talk about a WR core. Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham Jr and Amari Cooper on the same team? The NFC East all has trouble with Defensive backs and putting this 3WR lineup on the field would be a nightmare. (Especially for me since I’m a Redskins fan go ahead and laugh). For Giants fans and people who love to over exaggerate and I’ll leave put this up because I know you want to see it.

Will there be a lot of day 1 trades this year?

As long as Rick Spillman runs the Vikings of course there will be trades. But I think people want to see veterans be moved this year, and frankly I do too. If I can compile a list of veterans who that might move to a new team it would consist of Phillip Rivers, Adrian Peterson, Johnny Manziel, Robert Griffin III, and Sam Bradford. Out of those 5, I don’t Peterson leaving unless, Minnesota gets a HUGE haul in return. Manziel might go but I don’t see any team wanting him because how hazardous he is unless, Chip Kelly does the unthinkable. RG3 and Bradford are interesting choices. For starters, I don’t buy Chip Kelly wanting Bradford more than he wants Mariota. Also, their QB depth chart is interesting to say the least. RG3, on the other is in his contract year, but Scot McCloughan, the Redskins new GM is tied to this pick and the reports of about potentially drafting Mariota have been glaring to say the least. However, I don’t buy them trading RG3 only because last year was his first in a new system, but he’s on his last leg even if it’s an injury prone one at that. The most logical trade piece is Rivers.

Rivers is 34 and the Chargers are a franchise going into a transition. They are one of the few teams that might be making the move to LA and they probably would a new face of the franchise. Rivers already declared he’s going to test free agency and his former teammate is saying he’s good as gone as well. I think the best approach is to trade him to a team like the Titans. A Mariota for Rivers swap would be best for both teams. Tennessee is in desperate need of a winner and San Diego or well LA needs a makeover. Mike McCoy knows how to develop QB’s look at what he did with Tebow…. Ken Wisenhunt is known for his work with veteran QBs and Zach Mettenburger can learn from one of the best, as his back up. Both teams desperately need this so I expect this to happen. But I also both teams being afraid to make such a deal. Charger fans needs a reality check, Rivers won’t take them to Superbowl. He had 11 years to do so. MOVE ON!! Don’t worry, Cowboy fans will learn this the hard way, Chargers fan don’t have to make this trade damn it!!

Your Mock Draft.

Well mines is pretty straight forward with a few trades here and there. It goes as follows:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston: Already been discussed in the opener but this is the clear cut number one pick.
San Diego Chargers (TRADE) QB Marcus Mariota: Talked about this trade also San Diego should look for a new face of their franchise. Mariota would stay on the west coast with a good HC who knows how to develop QBs.
Jacksonville Jaguars DT Leonard Williams: Folwer would work here Williams is the defensive player in the draft, and you take the best player available here. Gus Bradley knows there’s no such thing as having too many good defensive linemen on a roster.
Oakland Raiders WR Kevin White: Oakland best Receiver is Crabtree…………This pick is more about potential over production. White had a monster year at WVU so did Cooper with Bama, but White can potentially be a Larry Fitzgerald prototype and you can’t pass that up.
Washington Redskins OLB Dante Fowler Jr.: They lost Brain Orakpo to the Titans, and they need a pass rusher and he’s the best pass rusher in the draft. Pretty straight forward.
New York Jets OLB Vic Beasley: Another team in dire need of pass rushers. Todd Bowles’ defense is very aggressive and gets after the QB. Beasley fits that description pretty well.
Chicago Bears NT Danny Shelton: Shelton might be the best defensive player in this draft not name Leonard Williams, and Chicago has need at Nose tackle.
Atlanta Falcons OLB Alvin “Bud” Dupree: Atlanta will be focusing on Defense this whole draft and besides the crowd (well fake crowd) chanting Bud in the Georgia dome has a nice ring to it. Note: Bud is my favorite player in this draft and would be a perfect fit in Atlanta.
New York Giants WR Amari Cooper: My god this WR core would be nasty and Eli would cry tears of joy.
Saint Louis Rams OG/OT Brandon Scherff: Since they didn’t pick Joe Barksdale and Jake Long career is good as over now, this is the most logical pick for them and he can play either guard or tackle.
Minnesota Vikings CB Tres Wayne: They could go WR here but I know Zimmer needs a CB next to Rhodes and this paring would give teams fits.
Cleveland Browns WR Devante Parker: Can we get Cleveland an E reality show. Gordon and Manziel partying every day. Their B-list WR core looking confused because Josh McCown is throwing to them but it’s going to a defender. Big money Joe Haden disappointing. Ray Farmer looking confused and paranoid because he’s sending text, it would be beautiful.
New Orleans Saints OLB Shane Ray: This pick is pretty difficult to determine. Saints need a pass rusher for Rob Ryan. Anthony Spencer is best a situational pass rusher but they need some youth. You can go CB, or OG/OT here but Shane Ray is the right guy here.
Miami Dolphins La’el Collins OT: I’ll come out and say it the Dolphins will NOT make the playoffs if they can’t protect Tannehill. This pick helps their Offensive line woes, but they still won’t make the playoffs. ☺
San Francisco 49ers CB Marcus Peters: I feel for Niner’s fans their losses are huge and their additions are good not great. Losing both of your starting CBs hurt but just like them Peters has some character issues but can flat out play, so this works for them.
Houston Texans DE Arik Armstead: I think they can go WR or OL here but again play to your strengths. Putting more depth with JJ Watt on the line will be downright scary.
Tennessee Titans (TRADE) OLB Randy Gregory: No Phillip Rivers alone isn’t worth the second pick. Titans are able to add a pass rusher behind Morgan and Orakpo two injury prone players.
Kansas City Chiefs WR Breeshad Perriman: Maclin can’t do it alone give Smith some weapons and let Charles have breather.
Cleveland Browns NT Jordan Phillips: Seriously, that reality show sounds amazing.
Philadelphia Eagles WR Jalen Strong: Jordan Matthews and who else?? They need a game changer on the outside with Cooper and Strong will provide good depth here.
Cincinnati Bengals CB Jalen Collins: His recent report of arrest should scare teams but Marvin Lewis usually take players this talented under his wing and get the most out of them.
Pittsburgh Steelers SS Landon Collins: Another easy pick they get their replacement for Troy Polumalu with a steal of a pickup here.
Detroit Lions DT Malcolm Brown: They found a replacement for Fairley and pretty good productive player at that.
Arizona Cardinals OLB Eli Harold: A very good pass rusher and the Cardinals need some youth there.
Carolina Panthers OT DJ Humphries: PROTECT CAM NEWTON!!!!!!
Baltimore Ravens CB Kevin Johnson: They could go WR here but this a very deep class and Ozzie doesn’t go WR this early majority of the time. Johnson provides depth at position that they desperately need.
Dallas Cowboys RB Melvin Gordon: REJOICE RBs one is finally selected in the first round. McFadden won’t last a season and they need help in this position after doing the right thing with Murray.
Denver Broncos OT Ereck Flowers: Another lineman to protect Manning for HOPEFULLY his last year. Bronco fans should be worried about this upcoming year Peyton’s arm looks shot.
Indianapolis Colts OT Austin Peat: Andrew Luck needs more protection and Peat a Stanford Alum knows this offense well and should fit right in.
Greenbay Packers: ILB Eric Kendricks: They need to move Clay back to natural position of OLB and this move helps that and provides a playmaker in the middle as well.
New Orleans Saints QB Brett Hundley: Before I get hammered for this pick, Bree is 36 and on the decline, it’s time to look ahead.
Minnesota Vikings (Trade) WR Dorial Green-Beckham: Surprise!! Minnesota gets back in the first round. This pick gives Teddy another weapon with Wallace and Paterson. Norv Turner loves big WR and this move gives them a good core.
Usually I’m wrong with these picks, but again no one gets it right. That’s what these 3 nights such a spectacle. On Thursday, 32 players find new homes and us nerd and fake experts will debate if the right picks were made, but none the less, the NFL is on the big stage for rookies looking for a new home.

Written by Gregory Hunter

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July 23

Geek Stuff | Death of Wolverine


Unless you’ve been living on the blue side of the moon you already know that Marvel is planning to kill off their most notorious character starting in September. Originally spoiled by Entertainment Weekly right before this year’s C2E2, Marvel will release a four issue mini-series that promises a bloody end to everyone’s favorite regenerating mutant. Written by Charles Soule and all-star veteran Steve McNiven, ‘Death of Wolverine’ will mark the end of the world famous character throughout Marvel’s current continuity. For how long, only Marvel knows. Personally, I hope they bring back Professor X before attempting ‘Wolverine: Rebirth’. In the meantime we will have ‘The Logan Legacy’ to look forward to. A five issue series, ‘The Logan Legacy’ will follow the after affect of Wolverine’s death through the eyes of X-23, Mystique, Sabertooth, Lady Deathstrike and Daken. If the death of Captain America taught us anything, it’s that this series will more than likely mimic the Fallen Solider mini-series that explored the five stages of grief via much more interesting characters than the ones featured in ‘The Logan Legacy’ (with the exception of Sabertooth).

For now all we can do is keep our fingers crossed for a brutal killfest before it all ends. We’ll keep you updated as the hype surrounding this book escalates across every comic related news feed on the internet.


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July 10

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 114 | He’s A Little Trolly

mtrthenetwork's Rob Lee & Dann D

Baltimore Best Podcasts!

What the fuck is a trolly? An episode where weddings are discussed.

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