March 13

Robservations | Bad Dads


“I know nothing about being a parent.”

Hey man – Rob Lee here and I have something on my mind – bad dads.

I’ll be the first one to say it – “I know nothing about being a parent.” As I’m not a parent, I’ve been a kid and I had good parents. Being a dad from what I’ve seen can be optional and being a good dad is uncommon from what most people say. I try to rally for the dad when petty women complain on Father’s Day about the lack of “real fathers” (he probably didn’t want your Looney Tunes ass in his life so he had to also abandon the kid to avoid you! – food for thought).

Rudy, my brother, is a dad and he’s still learning his way, evolving to a better parent – I think that’s something we must make a commitment to if we feel it is important. You don’t just stop one day and are suddenly the greatest parent ever – hell no. My boy, Tron, does a good job as a dad – he takes pride in being a father and wants to grow and foster a relationship with his child despite impediments.

Good Fathers

Good fathers deserve more credit that they get – my dad was hard on us growing up but he grew into a father I dig – Dann’s dad left a huge hole in his life speaking to the impact or impression a good dad has – granted they’ll never be most praised and lauded mothers. Not all moms are good mothers but socially we laud them in a way that excuses lack of growth parentally or nurture. My mother is great – over protective at times but I need that. I never raised a kid but I know bad parenting, because I know shitty people – I know them well.

An Observation of Bad Parenting

So, I was on the train today headed into the office – the passengers are generally a hodgepodge of Baltimoreans headed West. I see this Migos-reject – I’ve seen before – you know the type, a scrawny, wanna-be alpha male – this fucker would stand in my way – essentially trying to box me out – without consideration of my tact nor the fact that I could maul him. I heard him berating someone – I thought it was the light-skinned woman he’s usually with. It wasn’t and then it dawned on me – I was the little girl that they’re likely with – possibly their daughter.

It was just him and the little girl – she had to be 3 years old. He tells her “he’s going to beat her ass.” I’m not against spanking and so on – whatever not my problem but I noted it. We get off at the same stop – he and the girl are in front of me but within earshot. He dickhead drops to a knee to berate the kid further – I don’t remember what he said but I remember my response – I saw RED.

I sped up my gait to catch up to them. I them slowed by gait as not to move pass them but to be right there so he could see me. I wanted to protect the kid – I don’t know what she could have done to elicit his wrath but I’m assured it wasn’t worth it. I also thought as the three of us ascended on the escalator of what type of person would she become – this obviously wasn’t her first experience with her possible dad but it annoyed me.

We went our separate ways. I just hope the girl is OK and her possible dad becomes less of a cunt.  It’s a process I believe, he has a opportunity to improve as a man, as a father and as a parent. Let whatever the anger is go.

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February 20

Robservations | Office Nonsense


Hey maaaaaan. Rob Lee where and here’s something I’ve noticed: Why do jobs suck? Why are people always dreading work? Why is work considered a pain? We slog through that 8, 10 or 12-hour drudgery to maintain a lifestyle that cyclically fuels the stress of the job. Questions like “how will I pay for this?” pop up. It’s constant stress. Then on the backend of that long, arduous day we want to feel good and that impacts our diet – we’ll look for comfort foods and tv shows or vices to numb that pain. We’re in pain because we know that the employment beast needs you to sacrifice hours of your life to sustain it. These are questions that run in my mind all day.

I often ponder why. Why am I doing this? It runs so counter to who I’ve become. Sure, early on in life I wanted to get a job and make money. As I matured that goal changed a bit to “I want to get a job to make money to do creative shit” Then the creative shit started to cost more than I would expect but I was fulfilled there. With that increase I needed the job more than I would have liked. I was comfortable then it came crashing down. I lost the job – my creative shit – namely my podcast – was in limbo. Questions like “how will I redesign my website?” or “what if my computer or mic gets broken?”.  So that job stress latched on to my protected creative shit. I hated that.

Let’s take a step back and consider a scenario: what if you went to a job and made them an offer instead of this “hat in hand” approach we’re accustomed to? How do you think that would turn out? I think part of the job approach is considering that they have and opening that you’re interviewing – this is all before the “assimilation” period. They need you as much as you need them – they can be arrogant with your time – scheduling an interview that lasts hours and with multiple people that you’re working with. What if you brought your husband or wife since work is a relationship and they will impact you other relationships. I think it’s fair that your partner also knows what you’re getting into. That wouldn’t fly. We accept norms and appropriate way to conduct one’s self. I used to be mediocre at interviews. I would be nervous and it would peek through during interviews and I would come off as not a viable candidate. Nowadays, I am still nervous but I make a concerted effort to be arrogant, to match the energy I receive. I mean like mad reckless – I treat the interviewers like they are being interviewed because guess what – they are.  I fake it just enough that I come off as a type A personality in front of the interviewers. While in front of HR, I’m regular old me. That hat-in-hand shit is desperation only, some people call it hunger and they’re wrong.

Also, worth considering, your time is important – jobs play with it and are not respectful of it. You’re on a blind date essentially, why should it take two-hours when it’s purely convenient for they hiring manager. It’s rare in my experience for a hiring manager to accept a skype interview or Saturday interview. That doesn’t work for them but, if you want the job, it has to work for you. That’s not really a choice – most jobs don’t consider that you already have a job. You’re spending hours of personal time or vacation or working an extra hour to meet with them so they’re able to “kick your professional tires”. It’s all strange. Further, you never get a good understanding of the people you’re working with, your work or office culture until being embedded for months – not a few hours. It’s hard to tell, based on people “selling you on a job” of how the job, the office and the people actually are. Because, remember, they want to fill the position or, best case, they want to hire you.  So it’s pretty pointless in many cases. Like, sure, some people can read others quickly but many people cannot. So you’re locked into a bad contract with the terms of “your time, health and effort for a place that may not be a fit for you.” Often, you’re questioned , “Does it pay well”? That’s only half of the equation in my mind – and the other half is “what does it cost?”

This is just some food for thought and it’s on my mind. This is just a part of my views on working and office culture. If you like what you read, shoot me an email at

December 6

1 ~ Non Audio Podcast

Sweet Christmas there Cats and Kittens,

It’s your boy good Ol’ Rob Lee coming to you via letters. I know it’s been a while – too long. I’m sure your ear pussies are so tight and ear dicks have blue balls. Don’t worry you’re gonna get some soon.  Judging by the syntax and likely typographical errors you can tell writing isn’t my strong suit.


First, of I want to thank everyone again for checking in and asking about the status of the site. We’re just on a hiatus but it’s a great feeling to know that people are looking for our brand of humor, insights and overall rascality. We’ll be back very soon so keep an eye on for updates and all of the social media outlets feature our beautiful faces.


I want to invite any and every one with suggestions on shows or how to make things better to shoot us an email at We take user feedback very seriously since our goal is to provide the best content possible without selling out. Another goal is making the site truly a network without over saturating ourselves so we’re planning new shows to appeal to various tastes. Some old shows will be coming back much like the X-Files revival but good. I mean the revival was OK not great but OK.


Continue to spread the word about the show, about the network. We need that and for those who do spread the word thank you. There’s a ton of episodes on the site – mostly good I hope. I mean some might be shitty but hey it’s free. But truthfully, we take this seriously, we’re coming up on 8 years since I first ventured into the land of Pod’. This is the longest relationship I’ve had.


I want to thank everyone who’s ever been involved in the network from the beginning to now. Big praises to Dann D., Greg, Lisa, Torin, and Rudo. You guys have been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to greatness in the future.

Until next time,

I’m Rob Lee and this was a blog,

Watkins out!

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September 26

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 60 | There’s Rules To This Ish….

Download This!

Rob Lee and Rudo talk Ray J & Fabolous beef, Troy Davis Execution, operation burn1 and much more.

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