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Romeo - Rap Snacks

Ruthless Rob Lee & The Gran Torino are back to discuss facebook etiquette, “defunct” snack foods, ironic gang stabbings, weapons in places they SHOULD NOT BE, Rape Vs. Murder and so much more. Give it a listen.

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“So That’s NOT You On The Tape. Bullshit, We Got Video Evidence Of Yer Balls.”

– Rob Lee

The Fort Lauderdale stick-up man, whose droopy wardrobe earned him the nickname "Saggy Pants Robber" and whose hold-up spree ended after he was shot in the buttocks in 2009, will be trading his trousers for prison garb.

The term “nigga business” comes to mind when reading this story. Honestly, it has the elements – a fool (check), crime (check), saggy pants (check) and irony (double check). Not to mention he looks like a typical Miami or Opa-locka dude.

– Rob Lee

FORT WALTON BEACH — A 14-year-old Mary Esther boy told authorities he brought cocaine to school so he could sell it and help his grandmother financially.

The boy dropped the bag of cocaine to the floor duringĀ a routine search. The teacher recovered it and handed it to an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputy, according to the boy’s arrest report.

He was charged with cocaine possession with intent to sell within 1000 feet of a school.

Via nwfdailytimes

I wouldn't

Christine M. Cady, 31, of Eustise Avenue, was charged with having sex for money with Pedro Cruz-Santiago, 45, who was charged with aiding, abetting or committing solicitation of a prostitute.