April 18

Geek Stuff | Gimme The Loot!

In the past year, the concept of loot boxes has risen and fallen only to rear itself once more. Some of us think they’re great while a larger portion of people think they’re the worst possible thing a game company can do to its customers. Before I get into my personal opinion, let’s start at the beginning. I’m sure by now you’ve asked yourself “What the hell is a loot box and why should I care? Is that like Loot Crate, the company that use to put together really cool mystery gift boxes?”

In a way, yes, but instead of getting randomly curated pop culture products, loot boxes are a form of micro transactions. Micro transactions, in the gaming world, are digital items that you pay real world money for. These items range widely depending on the game you are playing but what they all boil down to is paying real money for a randomized item that could be really great or really terrible (like you want an AK-47 for your solider in Call of Duty but you end up with a brown helmet instead). The upside is not all micro transactions cost money, you could grind away at whatever you are playing until you earn enough in-game money to buy a loot box and be done with it. The item you receive might be garbage but who cares cause you didn’t spend anything real. Unfortunately, not all people have the patience for level grinding and would rather pay outright for the chance at a gold level pick-axe. Like all of our societal problems, this one starts and ends with opinionated people who don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions.

Over the course of the last year, companies have come under fire from all walks of life calling loot boxes immoral, a money grab and dishonest among other nastier things. And while most of these people are cry babies who want to complain because they bought way too many loot boxes with real world money (check out the article Kotaku wrote about some dipshit kid who spend over 10K on loot boxes), companies have been bending over backwards to try and accommodate gamers who have problems with game companies making money past the initial 60 dollars you pay for the game. EA originally had micro transactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2 until enough people complained and they removed them all together. EA is bringing them back (thank god) but this time around you can only spend in-game money on their brand of loot box. The latest game to introduce loot boxes is Animal Crossing for iOS. Kotaku already had one of their flunkies write an article about how terrible this is, but honestly, is it? Is it wrong that game companies want to continue making money on a property that took them forever to produce and will take even longer to support? Nope! Is it immoral to offer people a hard way and a quick way of doing things? Not at all. Are these companies guilty of creating an addiction machine that is liable to ruin people with gambling problems? Naaaaah! All you have to do is not buy into it, that’s all. Every single game that has been outfitted with loot boxes has the option to buy them with earned in-game money, so stick to the plan and you’ll never go wrong.

If you’re one of the many people who wasted their money because they wanted to try and get ahead of everyone else, you have no one to blame but yourself. You’re well aware of the randomized chances of getting something good and even after getting crap box after crap box you still buy into it because you don’t want to spend honest time working towards that one item that will give you the edge on the competition. Like Verruca Salt, you want it now! And to the parents who think game companies are evil for this practice, how about you take 5 minutes to investigate the game you just bought Little Johnny Good Student because you know damn well they have no concept of money and will drain whatever bank account you thoughtlessly linked to their system.

So yeah, that’s my two cents. You have nobody to blame but yourself for getting caught up in loot box madness and I suggest instead of complaining about EA or Blizzard or Nintendo or Microsoft or Insomniac or Activision or Epic Games or Ubisoft, you take a hard look at yourself and remember, it’s called a grind for a reason.



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December 8

Free Events | Things To Do In Baltimore

Live 2: Live Harder

A night of podcasting

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Hey man…

Rob Lee here asking you for a square one – a huge favor. This Month, we’re having a free event with our buddies from CoPlay Media. Where you may ask?  We’re asking you to come out for our second live show at the Annex Theater in The Bromo Arts District in Baltimore city on December 16th 2017 at 7PM.

In conclusion, CoPlay Media and Mastermind Team’s Robcast are joining forces for a special end of the year show. So come out and spend your Saturday with four moderately handsome 30-year-olds – you know that whole thing about having a voice for radio is a backhanded compliment – in sun-er-well, hopefully, not snow covered Baltimore. Fingers crossed.

For those who may not know:

CoPlay Media is your guide through a variety of topics in the world of Anime and Gaming. CoPlay’s Hurricane D and Zamboni debate, discuss and dissect a myriad of subjects from gaming news, anime reviews, conventions, and so much more. CoPlay Media performed at the Baltimore Podcast Festival with Robcast and many other great podcasts.  Rob Lee and Dann has guest hosted 2 episodes of CoPlay’s podcast. It’s a great friendship born of podcasting.



The Baltimore Podcast Festival 2017

Mastermind Team’s Robcast with Rob Lee and Dann D is a no-holds barred, unfiltered convo about weird news, off-beat crime, pop culture and personal musings. Mastermind Team’s Robcast dates back to 2009 and is Baltimore through and through. Robcast begot this site – Mtrthenetwork – a collaborative of podcasts and blogs that aim to give voices to creatives in Baltimore city. Robcast is hosted by two foodies who are obsessed with alligator stories, off-beat crime and their own opinions.



Afterwards, chew the fat with us after we make asses of ourselves live. I’m told that I’m a little too provocative. So there’s that. It will be a fun night,


if you like our podcast, gaming, trivia, you want to keep Baltimore weird or you want a distraction from the impending North Korea rule and our Annoying Orange “leader” you should come out. You can’t go wrong.


Rudy selling shirts at the Windup Space for the Baltimore Podcast FestivalThis is a free event and a perfect way to make friends.

Merchandise will be available so maybe you could bring a couple dollars. Let us wet our beaks.

Donation are appreciated.

Come be apart of the action.

Check us out here  and Here


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October 7

Geek Stuff | 001


Dann D provides his unique perspective on Gotham, Comic Solicitations and other stories accross the multiverse.


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