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good times

Operation Burn 1

This a test, a test from the emergency burncast system. Mastermind Team’s Rob Lee and his younger brother, Rudo, are having smoke-filled conversations about getting old. Enjoy.

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47: I call him suga

Tron & RL talk porn sticks, Flava Flav businesses, ironic sex changes,beard cuisine and much more. Enjoy.
twitter.com/mastermindrw http://mastermindteamrobcast.tumblr.com

Tron Talks – The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead

Torin Tron and Dionne talk zombies, The Walking Dead on AMC, comics and graphic design in this Robless Robcast.


42: Tron and the Legacy




Rob and artist previously known as Torin talk Arizona, Ninja dating, weird crimes and a very serious topic. Check it out.
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