February 28

Robservations | Four Letter Words

Hey maaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaan. Rob Lee here and I have something on my mind – “4 Letter Words”. Now I know what you’re thinking? This has been covered by George Carlin and others but I’m thinking of the other types of “4 Letter Words” that have power. Within the agreed upon reality, these aren’t vulgar words they’re words you’ll read every day, say every day and hear every day. I’ve give you 2 of my most confounding 4 Letter Words.


So, I’m starting off rather big here. Love is often misused – love is uncommon but we’re too familiar with it. We use it to describe a feeling in the same what we’d say “shit” or “fuck” whilst committing a faux-pas. Love is too complicated to use as often as we do. Love is often conflated with extreme like or specialness – conditional affection. Love is rare and pretty incomprehensible. It should hit you – “Like Damn, I love her.” I’ve felt love and have been in love 4 times in my life and none of those times were with burritos. I really do like burritos, though.


Hate is similar to love to me. But I think we don’t give it it’s due. People are capable of both love and hate. Hate, however, is normalized especially here and now. The sheer fact that “Hate Groups” exist is insane. But maybe it’s not really hate since we don’t treat it as such. Maybe we’re looking at them as just ignorant or unfamiliar and violent. The people in these groups are vile, horrible people but hate is very deep routed. Further, I think hate is intimate. Often, I hear people say I hate this person or this thing but have never met the person or have specious knowledge of the thing. People say hate like love when the mean something else.

What do you think? Did I cover this properly or would you want to add something more? Email me at mtrthenetwork@gmail.com




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August 9

Cummin’ Soon with Lisa & Rob Lee | 15 – The White Man’s Butter

In an episode where toxic zodiac relationships and the Ta-Ta Towel are discussed.

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July 31

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 27 | Ghosts of Podpast

Rob Lee is visited by an old host and catching up ensues.

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July 10


He towers over her – a variation of more than 1 foot. She’s slightly north of 5 feet while he’s well over 6 feet.  He is a man described as rebellious, intimidating and mildly mercurial while she was the opposite in many respects. She is a writer, well read with a strong vocabulary while he uses the gift of gab to conceal his abhorrence for reading. He’s structured, always planning, his mind the ever-rotating hamster wheel while she’s calculated, precise and considerate. She has the power over him – she’s in control and knows how to exhibit that control, he admires that.

He believes a man’s approach to a relationship is much-like an unskilled boxer’s approach – straight ahead – taking damage to give damage. In his mind, that’s not effective for the long term. He also believes that women are more refined and exhibit a methodology more akin to Judo, “the gentle way”, where women don’t have to nudge, urge or coerce their partner like the aforementioned boxing analogy – simply, women use the energy of their partner to reach the desired result. He admires Judo. You don’t get hurt in a Judo match, he thinks. He’s learning Judo from her.

She is his partner, his mistress, his mead – intoxicating, amber-like and from a heaven-like plane. She seeks to understand him, allows him to be free while wanting him close, she’s a mentor in many ways. She’s his penny – wise, foolish and his candy. He’s is her Scotch , bold yet smooth and not for everyone – an acquired taste.  He’s her protector,  prepared to destroy anyone who hurts her while still capable of providing love, companionship and deference.

Both are travelers with no destination. Mutually they feel that the destination is where they’re at in a given moment, the destination is alone and together.

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December 6

1 ~ Non Audio Podcast

Sweet Christmas there Cats and Kittens,

It’s your boy good Ol’ Rob Lee coming to you via letters. I know it’s been a while – too long. I’m sure your ear pussies are so tight and ear dicks have blue balls. Don’t worry you’re gonna get some soon.  Judging by the syntax and likely typographical errors you can tell writing isn’t my strong suit.


First of I want to thank everyone again for checking in and asking about the status of the site. We’re just on a hiatus but it’s a great feeling to know that people are looking for our brand of humor, insights and overall rascality. We’ll be back very soon so keep an eye on mtrthenetwork.com for updates and all of the social media outlets feature our beautiful faces.


I want to invite any and every one with suggestions on shows or how to make things better to shoot us an email at mtrthenetwork.com. We take user feedback very seriously since our goal is to provide the best content possible without selling out. Another goal is making the site truly a network without over saturating ourselves so we’re planning new shows to appeal to various tastes. Some old shows will be coming back much like the X-Files revival but good. I mean the revival was OK not great but OK.


Continue to spread the word about the show, about the network. We need that and for those who do spread the word thank you. There’s a ton of episodes on the site – mostly good I hope. I mean some might be shitty but hey it’s free. But truthfully, we take this seriously, we’re coming up on 8 years since I first ventured into the land of Pod’. This is the longest relationship I’ve had.


I want to thank everyone who’s ever been involved in the network from the beginning to now. Big praises to Dann D., Greg, Lisa, Torin and Rudo. You guys have been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to greatness in the future.

Until next time,

I’m Rob Lee and this was a blog,

Watkins out!

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