September 26

Y & R @ The Movies | 3

It is the story of Curtis Snow, a real Atlanta “robbery boy and crack dealer whose livelihood revolves around armed robbery and drug pushing” who “sought out [director] Damon Russell to make a film about his life.” The film’s title refers to protagonist Curtis Snow and to Atlanta‘s neighborhood The Bluff, which is infamous for crime and drug dealing.



Yolanda | 3.75 Very Bad Haircuts out of 5

Robert | 3.5 Fuckboys out of 5

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October 28

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 81 | Bormonism: Degrees of Penetration

Munny figurine.
Munny figurine – Torin’s into Munny apparently

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Rob & Torin talk about Torin’s dad, Celebrities who don’t need to dress up for halloween, karate school, religion talk, what is truth, rob will start the zombie apocalypse, rappers & aliens, Iron Man & Justice League movie talk, college football, invisible man life, virginity sale, white glove treatment


July 15

Operation Burn1 11| Operation Burn1 – Up On The Second Flight

Rudo welcomes back Rell for Flight 420….Download Here

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