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Rob Lee

   What’s Cool?

  It’s been nearly 5 years ( fuck I had a fat face) since the commencement of what would become MTR the network. We’ve come a long way from me slandering Albert Haynesworth and by the way I was right and fuck that guy. Although, some of the cast members have changed and the structure of the show has evolved, it’s been a labor of love and has lead to many conversations with  friends and family. The show has been great and I appreciate every download, referral and comment for the show from Robcast to Extraordinary. It’s been a great journey and it will continue with bigger and better things. Keep your eyes open and your eyes peeled. Keep a look out for the Kids With Kush tape from The White Avalanche and GR81.

As always, tell your friends and tell your enemies

    – Rob Lee


Rudo and Rob Lee catch up; the boys discuss Fast Five, NFL Draft and much more.

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Dann D. joins Young Rudo and Rob Lee to discuss women,420, Mark Wahlberg and Forest Whitaker movies, and goatsy buttholes.

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Rob Lee ( Mumm-Rob) and TDM discuss recent news – barbershop stabbings, prison rape, comics book characters, Wesley Snipes movies, making it rain, naked therapy and so on.


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Rob Lee discusses some recent music from his Ipod.

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Who’s Side Are You On?

Looks like Phoenix Jones and other Seattle Superheroes are not getting along. Uh-oh, looks like trouble.

— Rob Lee


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Rob Lee and Torin are back. You’ve been warned.

This a test, a test from the emergency burncast system. Mastermind Team’s Rob Lee and his younger brother, Rudo, are having smoke-filled conversations about getting old. Enjoy.

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