Mastermind’s Team Robcast 241 | Into the Gatorverse

The Best Podcast in Baltimore!

Prepare yourself for a full throttle return to the multiverse at large! The legendary duo, Rob Lee and Dann D, must traverse through alternate realities before the time space continuum rips apart. What will happen if Ten Gallon hat Rob ends up coming face to face with Black Dann? All we know for certain is, Rudy has full control of the Network.

The Crown City Cook continues coverage of Shaq’s upcoming chicken restaurant and discusses the lighter side of gorging. Would you try Pringle flavored ramen? New Challenger continues to assault the senses with a whole new crop of stories designed to inform and terrorize.

Meanwhile, the Greg of Earth-29 plots against the Greg of Earth-1.

Whether you stream now or download and listen later, you don’t want to miss the episode forged by 1.21 gigawatts!

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Steel | Who greenlit this shit?

Congrats DC, you did it before Marvel but you played yourself.

This was rough like really rough, it took 6 tries to watch this and shockingly, this is not the worst on this list. Before Hollywood knew better Shaq kept getting starring movie roles.  Granted, Blue Chips is one of the best Basketball films to date and personally take a look (granted a melodramatic look) inside the NCAA. After taking his talents to Hollywood and leaving Orlando, Shaq was destined to follow up on role in Blue Chips with starring roles. First came Kazaam and thank god that doesn’t count; I would’ve threw my laptop.  Kazaam was a flop, but Hollywood did not listen and gave Shaq a DC comic property to work with in Steel.

Steel was never a huge character. In fact, he was a side character to Superman and eventually tried and failed to carry his mantle after Supes defeat to Doomsday. The character John Henry Irons (yes, his name is a pun) was the 1st black comic character to get a Hollywood blockbuster film not Black Lightning, not John Stewart’s Green Lantern, or even Static Shock ugghhhh damn you DC for this!!!!

The film changed certain aspects of his character instead of being a weapons engineer for the fictional AmerTek Industries like he was in the comics, he was a weapons engineer for the military in the film. Also, there is no Superman in this film and thank fucking god for that.  Shaq who plays Irons is discharged from the military due to how dangerous his weapons are and paralyzing one of his comrades in a practice run.  By the way, Shaq in a Military uniform is as ridiculous as it sounds.  Long story short, Shaq sees his weapons on the street and he goes under the guise of Steel to take the bad guys and get the weapons off the street. This film doesn’t deserve a breakdown, fuck that don’t see it. Don’t ask me to elaborate. Judd Nelson plays the villain and he’s just being himself here.  THIS FILM RUINED SHAFT FOR ME. Dammit Mr. Roundtree how could you?  Ray J was in this film as Shaq’s brother, son, nephew I don’t fucking know nor care, but I enjoyed him in this film. This film is bad on all levels and I’m ashamed it took me 6 tries to finish it. Don’t watch it, save yourself.

Mtrocast 66 | Leshurr Phoenix & Lord Lee

An episode where the lads cover the Golden Globes, why rappers fall off and Cardi B.

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Robservations | 2

Cover of

Rob Lee is back to talk about twitter beef, Shaq retiring, non-personal behavior, X-Men: First Class and much more. Download Here

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