April 18

Mtrocast 73 | We Came Up

Rob Phoenix and Rob Lee discuss the week. Stories include Buzzfeed’s Questions For Black People, Birth Of A Nation and, as usual, Race relations. Check and share with a friend, Mtrocast is for the kids.

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June 28

An Idiot’s Guide To Sports | King of Queens??

What is going on in Sacramento

I really really wanted to write about the NBA draft but something, well a team moved me away from such a post. Remember that one guy who is extremely old and they try to hang out with every kid outside, not knowing they look like a fool, well that’s the Kings since 2002. Ever since Chris Webber blew out his knee this franchise has been free falling. The Maloof brothers were previously in charge and made question to downright awful personal decision, to them doubling down in Vegas and falling flat on their faces. The franchise was so wrecked, the Maloofs almost sold to the team to an investment group in Seattle. Yes, we were very close to having the Sonics resurrected. However, former NBA player and Mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson help propel the franchise to stay in Sacramento and the Maloofs sold the team to Vivek Ranadivé, what should have been a happy ending, and return to glory for a franchise, turned into comedy hour. Under Ranadivé, the team has had four I repeat four head coaches (Keith Smart, Mike Malone, Tyrone Corbin, George Karl [More on him later]). Three general managers, and a god awful idea to make cherry picking a legitimate strategy. The main issue with this team is their own identity crisis, the owner wants an up-tempo modern team, but the roster construed suggests otherwise.  In other words, what is going here??

Last night, the NBA draft occurred and Willie Cauley-Stein became the newest member on the team. Many speculated this being the end of DeMarcus Cousins. However, a lot of insiders are saying HE wanted the team to draft him. I still do not see this working for this team mostly because they are limited on outside shooting and now have two centers who will be in the paint the duration of games. Collison, and Rudy Gay are known for their names being valued than their play. Ben Mclemore still has not developed to into the player most thought he would be, and Nik Stuskas looked awful, and them two are the only perimeter shooters on the team. Caspi is another bigger name than play guy along with Carl Laundry who cannot stay healthy.   The Kings’ rosters needs a revamp more a lot of teams; most of this roster looks like spare parts of an actually team and the Kings are trying to make it work at the moment. That is what happens when a team changes their GM 3 times in a matter of ONE NBA season. Quite possibly, the best solution could be to blow up the team and discover who parts to keep. Cauley-Stein fits the mold of centers George Karl prefers; big, slinky, athletic centers who can defend the paint and provide energy on the court. The rest of the team, however, needs either development, or be traded. DeMarcus Cousins is the only exception to this claim, and yet he is in his own state of limbo right now. He is the King’s franchise player, and yet he is their biggest chip and has been floated around for months now. The head coach doesn’t want him and other teams are ready to give up the farm for him whenever necessary. Cousins is one of the few great to elite talent left at the Center position. Last year, only Kevin Garnett in 2004 put the numbers DeMarcus Cousins was able too. Cousins is a top 10-20 Talent in the league and should be treated as such. However, the trade rumors surrounding him are pretty alarming and unprofessional. Yet, if I was in their position, I would trade him mostly because the amount of players/value they will get back for him is ridiculous. Kings’ Front Office seems adamant of him staying while everyone else including myself is saying otherwise. These trade rumors probably would not exists if a team did not hire one particular coach. Speaking of that coach:

Man does George Karl always know how to make players feel uncomfortable especially if it’s the team best player. George Karl knows what works for George Karl, he is the guy who make role players play to their full potential until the playoffs arise. Karl has traded and lost some of the best players on his team due to his thoughts about them. He did not Carmelo because of his mediocre defense, disliked Ray Allen and wanted Gary Payton instead, thought Andre Igoudola was dry snitching to the Warriors, and now Demarcus Cousins for his commitment level. Karl’s habits of straying players away from the team he is coaching with the players he enjoyed with previous stops. Karl can definitely be called the Chip Kelly of the NBA and vice versa for Chip. Karl is already being rumored to have personal split on Cousins and the Owner is considering to fire him after these messy rumors. But for those who say fire Karl that would be the 5th head coach for this team in 3 years. This would scare any coach from trying to land this gig because the job security for it is terrible and no one will take a gig and that they can be canned from tomorrow. This would never happen had they remained committed to Malone, now they are stuck between choosing Cousins or Karl.

This whole dilemma is a bunch of what ifs. What if Cousins never got sick in the beginning of the seasons? What if Malone never got fired? There is too many questions than answers with this team, who has no chance to see the playoffs next year. Here’s a suggestion: why not rebuild?  It gives the fans and the organization a direction for the team to head towards. Trade Cousins for the best value possible and available. Cauley-Stein is the only one person I see untradeable. The rest of this roster needs to be moved. Jason Thompson, Carl Laundry, and Rudy Gay have god awful contracts to move but a package with Cousins in it can move one of those contracts and clear cap space. The Kings need all the help they can get and to do so means they need to hit reset yet again. Ranadivé reign as Owner has gotten off to a terrible start and lord knows it would take some time to recover. After promising victories to the city of Sacramento and seeing there rival Golden State win a title before them is disheartening for someone who wants to produce a winning product. For fans of this team, maybe it is time for air frustrations instead of accepting complacency. This is coming from someone who has 21 years of incompetency from their owner as a Skins fan. It is time for Kings to restart and build a team not with absurd contracts, but with smart and sound moves. Until then, this soap opera of a team will be enjoyed by me and many others as they continue to befuddle everyone.

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May 6

The Relatively Stupid Sports Show| The Stupid Intro

An episode where Greg covers The NFL Draft, Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao and the NBA Playoffs.

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May 4

Mtrocast 42 | The Fallout

An episode where the Baltimore protests are broken down.

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April 25

An Idiot’s Guide to the NFL Draft

An Idiot’s Guide to the NFL Draft

With a few days away from the NFL’s biggest spectacle and more questions arise heading into the day coming more than answer that will be determined there. Yes, the easy questions of who is picking who will be answered immediately, but there are those questions that will be asked until the end of the season and they won’t be easily answered. So for those who are in attendance and have virtually no clue what is going to happen; this is the article you should read.

Now, onto some of the questions awaiting to be answered?

Who’s the number one pick in this draft year’s draft?
I think this is probably the most obvious answer. This guy

Seriously, Tampa needs a QB worse than virtually any team at the moment. With the weapons they have in Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson, and Austin Seferian-Jenkins all over 6’3’ by the way, should not be the 25th best passing offense with 206.1 yards a game. It’s pretty sad to see passes like this being thrown in any game. Just look at Josh McCown’s stats for proof:

Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int
184 327 56.3 2,206 6.7 11 14
Yikes!! That would scare the living hell out of me if that was my team’s starting QB. Hello Cleveland!! But in reality Jameis is the best QB in this draft and Tampa cannot afford to whiff on this pick, Jameis is their guy, and they do need to address their Offensive Line, after cutting Anthony Collins after one year of his massive deal. But at this moment, barring any trade Jameis is the clear cut number one. NEXT

What General Managers need to have a good draft this year? Now, we’re getting to the good questions here. Virtually five GMs are on thin and I mean very thin Ice this offseason and probably will be gone next year regardless of what they do.

Thomas Dimitroff Atlanta: He gambled BIG TIME with the Julio Jones trade, and while Julio has been an elite WR when he’s healthy it’s the fact defense has been ignored and they are paying the price for it. It doesn’t help when the new head coach has overall say in personal. .
Ray Framer Cleveland: Hello Mr. Farmer!! Welcome to the Browns bad string of GMs club!! Michael Lombardi, Phil Savage, George Kokinis, Tom Heckert, Dwight Clark, and Butch Davis are here also. Say hi everyone!! It really sucks to be a Brown’s fan.
Reggie McKenzie Oakland: The Raiders actually had the best draft in 2014 in my opinion. Khalil Mack looks like a stud. Derrick Carr will be the franchise QB, and Gabe Jackson looks like a steal at Guard. However, McKenzie’s record since being named GM has been underwhelming. Winning a combined 11 games in three years will put anyone on the hot seat.
Ruston Webster Tennessee: I’m with you Titans fans. I have no idea how he still has a job. His draft history is pretty bad. They no identity on either side of the ball and they went 2-14 last year. Look, I hope Dick LeBeau and Ray Horton fix this defense and they find their franchise QB to repair this once-proud franchise, but they need everywhere, expect a trade from their spot or a move for a certain QB in San Diego.
Jerry Reese New York: His recent draft history minus OBJ has been brutal. They haven’t produce on the field either. They need to make the playoffs this year or he’s done for.
What potential pick scares the hell out of you?

Speaking of the Giants, nothing would make me shit my pants more than them drafting Amari Cooper with the 9th pick. Talk about a WR core. Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham Jr and Amari Cooper on the same team? The NFC East all has trouble with Defensive backs and putting this 3WR lineup on the field would be a nightmare. (Especially for me since I’m a Redskins fan go ahead and laugh). For Giants fans and people who love to over exaggerate and I’ll leave put this up because I know you want to see it.

Will there be a lot of day 1 trades this year?

As long as Rick Spillman runs the Vikings of course there will be trades. But I think people want to see veterans be moved this year, and frankly I do too. If I can compile a list of veterans who that might move to a new team it would consist of Phillip Rivers, Adrian Peterson, Johnny Manziel, Robert Griffin III, and Sam Bradford. Out of those 5, I don’t Peterson leaving unless, Minnesota gets a HUGE haul in return. Manziel might go but I don’t see any team wanting him because how hazardous he is unless, Chip Kelly does the unthinkable. RG3 and Bradford are interesting choices. For starters, I don’t buy Chip Kelly wanting Bradford more than he wants Mariota. Also, their QB depth chart is interesting to say the least. RG3, on the other is in his contract year, but Scot McCloughan, the Redskins new GM is tied to this pick and the reports of about potentially drafting Mariota have been glaring to say the least. However, I don’t buy them trading RG3 only because last year was his first in a new system, but he’s on his last leg even if it’s an injury prone one at that. The most logical trade piece is Rivers.

Rivers is 34 and the Chargers are a franchise going into a transition. They are one of the few teams that might be making the move to LA and they probably would a new face of the franchise. Rivers already declared he’s going to test free agency and his former teammate is saying he’s good as gone as well. I think the best approach is to trade him to a team like the Titans. A Mariota for Rivers swap would be best for both teams. Tennessee is in desperate need of a winner and San Diego or well LA needs a makeover. Mike McCoy knows how to develop QB’s look at what he did with Tebow…. Ken Wisenhunt is known for his work with veteran QBs and Zach Mettenburger can learn from one of the best, as his back up. Both teams desperately need this so I expect this to happen. But I also both teams being afraid to make such a deal. Charger fans needs a reality check, Rivers won’t take them to Superbowl. He had 11 years to do so. MOVE ON!! Don’t worry, Cowboy fans will learn this the hard way, Chargers fan don’t have to make this trade damn it!!

Your Mock Draft.

Well mines is pretty straight forward with a few trades here and there. It goes as follows:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston: Already been discussed in the opener but this is the clear cut number one pick.
San Diego Chargers (TRADE) QB Marcus Mariota: Talked about this trade also San Diego should look for a new face of their franchise. Mariota would stay on the west coast with a good HC who knows how to develop QBs.
Jacksonville Jaguars DT Leonard Williams: Folwer would work here Williams is the defensive player in the draft, and you take the best player available here. Gus Bradley knows there’s no such thing as having too many good defensive linemen on a roster.
Oakland Raiders WR Kevin White: Oakland best Receiver is Crabtree…………This pick is more about potential over production. White had a monster year at WVU so did Cooper with Bama, but White can potentially be a Larry Fitzgerald prototype and you can’t pass that up.
Washington Redskins OLB Dante Fowler Jr.: They lost Brain Orakpo to the Titans, and they need a pass rusher and he’s the best pass rusher in the draft. Pretty straight forward.
New York Jets OLB Vic Beasley: Another team in dire need of pass rushers. Todd Bowles’ defense is very aggressive and gets after the QB. Beasley fits that description pretty well.
Chicago Bears NT Danny Shelton: Shelton might be the best defensive player in this draft not name Leonard Williams, and Chicago has need at Nose tackle.
Atlanta Falcons OLB Alvin “Bud” Dupree: Atlanta will be focusing on Defense this whole draft and besides the crowd (well fake crowd) chanting Bud in the Georgia dome has a nice ring to it. Note: Bud is my favorite player in this draft and would be a perfect fit in Atlanta.
New York Giants WR Amari Cooper: My god this WR core would be nasty and Eli would cry tears of joy.
Saint Louis Rams OG/OT Brandon Scherff: Since they didn’t pick Joe Barksdale and Jake Long career is good as over now, this is the most logical pick for them and he can play either guard or tackle.
Minnesota Vikings CB Tres Wayne: They could go WR here but I know Zimmer needs a CB next to Rhodes and this paring would give teams fits.
Cleveland Browns WR Devante Parker: Can we get Cleveland an E reality show. Gordon and Manziel partying every day. Their B-list WR core looking confused because Josh McCown is throwing to them but it’s going to a defender. Big money Joe Haden disappointing. Ray Farmer looking confused and paranoid because he’s sending text, it would be beautiful.
New Orleans Saints OLB Shane Ray: This pick is pretty difficult to determine. Saints need a pass rusher for Rob Ryan. Anthony Spencer is best a situational pass rusher but they need some youth. You can go CB, or OG/OT here but Shane Ray is the right guy here.
Miami Dolphins La’el Collins OT: I’ll come out and say it the Dolphins will NOT make the playoffs if they can’t protect Tannehill. This pick helps their Offensive line woes, but they still won’t make the playoffs. ☺
San Francisco 49ers CB Marcus Peters: I feel for Niner’s fans their losses are huge and their additions are good not great. Losing both of your starting CBs hurt but just like them Peters has some character issues but can flat out play, so this works for them.
Houston Texans DE Arik Armstead: I think they can go WR or OL here but again play to your strengths. Putting more depth with JJ Watt on the line will be downright scary.
Tennessee Titans (TRADE) OLB Randy Gregory: No Phillip Rivers alone isn’t worth the second pick. Titans are able to add a pass rusher behind Morgan and Orakpo two injury prone players.
Kansas City Chiefs WR Breeshad Perriman: Maclin can’t do it alone give Smith some weapons and let Charles have breather.
Cleveland Browns NT Jordan Phillips: Seriously, that reality show sounds amazing.
Philadelphia Eagles WR Jalen Strong: Jordan Matthews and who else?? They need a game changer on the outside with Cooper and Strong will provide good depth here.
Cincinnati Bengals CB Jalen Collins: His recent report of arrest should scare teams but Marvin Lewis usually take players this talented under his wing and get the most out of them.
Pittsburgh Steelers SS Landon Collins: Another easy pick they get their replacement for Troy Polumalu with a steal of a pickup here.
Detroit Lions DT Malcolm Brown: They found a replacement for Fairley and pretty good productive player at that.
Arizona Cardinals OLB Eli Harold: A very good pass rusher and the Cardinals need some youth there.
Carolina Panthers OT DJ Humphries: PROTECT CAM NEWTON!!!!!!
Baltimore Ravens CB Kevin Johnson: They could go WR here but this a very deep class and Ozzie doesn’t go WR this early majority of the time. Johnson provides depth at position that they desperately need.
Dallas Cowboys RB Melvin Gordon: REJOICE RBs one is finally selected in the first round. McFadden won’t last a season and they need help in this position after doing the right thing with Murray.
Denver Broncos OT Ereck Flowers: Another lineman to protect Manning for HOPEFULLY his last year. Bronco fans should be worried about this upcoming year Peyton’s arm looks shot.
Indianapolis Colts OT Austin Peat: Andrew Luck needs more protection and Peat a Stanford Alum knows this offense well and should fit right in.
Greenbay Packers: ILB Eric Kendricks: They need to move Clay back to natural position of OLB and this move helps that and provides a playmaker in the middle as well.
New Orleans Saints QB Brett Hundley: Before I get hammered for this pick, Bree is 36 and on the decline, it’s time to look ahead.
Minnesota Vikings (Trade) WR Dorial Green-Beckham: Surprise!! Minnesota gets back in the first round. This pick gives Teddy another weapon with Wallace and Paterson. Norv Turner loves big WR and this move gives them a good core.
Usually I’m wrong with these picks, but again no one gets it right. That’s what these 3 nights such a spectacle. On Thursday, 32 players find new homes and us nerd and fake experts will debate if the right picks were made, but none the less, the NFL is on the big stage for rookies looking for a new home.

Written by Gregory Hunter

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