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star wars


These fan made posters are dope, definitely worth checking out. Visit the below link, if this interests you.

10 “Star Wars Episode VII” Fan Posters That Are Actually Out Of This World.

Indian Leopard

Not On the MTR The Network list of friendly animals

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Rob Lee and Torin discuss gangsta-ass golf, butt crack cleavage dress, star wars themed rolling papers, Sex shop robberies. Indian leopard-scalping and so much more.

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Bill (of Kill Bill), Ivan Drago, Thulsa Doom are MY HEROES.

Here’s Total Film‘s 30 Movie Villans Who Should Have Won. Check out the list; it just goes to show that movie makers work with the “underdog” ethos alot. Most of these villans outclassed, outmuscled and were generally better than their opposition but they still lost. Dammit. Oh, well – at least, many of them appeared in sequels.

 – Rob Lee