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Mastermind Team’s Robcast 145 | Kentuckus

An episode where wedding crashing, vibrating Kindle sex toys and other debauchery are discussed.

Things to consider:

Rob: “I want Prince to come out of the Grimace costume.”

Links Referenced:

A Baltimore Man Was Fired After Watching 39 Hours Of Porn Over A Two-Week Period At Work

Here Are The Most Embarrassing Things That Have Ever Happened On A Porn Set

The Internet Reacts To McDonald’s New Hipster Hamburglar

This Drunk Cop Totally Bit A Guy In The Balls Last Night

This Very Determined Pizza Delivery Man Was Stabbed In The Chest And Kept Working

Drunken Wedding Crashers Waved Around Their Penises After Pushing The Bride Down


Naked Man Threatens Neighbors With AK-47, Cops Say

Guy Tenders His Resignation In The Sweetest Way Possible

Guy Who Wanted To Look Like The Hulk Almost Lost His Arms

Beards Are Covered In Poop: Study

The Straight Poop About Florida’s Public Defecators

Words 5 | I’m Untouchable!

An episode where words are defined, what’s a food and tumblr is discovered by our favorite writer.

Picking & Sticking (verb) – begrudgingly choosing and remaining with a woman for the goal of sex

Packing & Stacking (verb) – the act of compiling datable women

Waiver Wire (noun) – the process in which a datable friend is available almost immediately after a break-up

Crab Status (verb) – the act when a guy is causing a wedge in a woman’s weakened relationship for the purpose of being a rebound lay

Trading Block (noun) –  the distinction of a person that may be broken-up with; this person is in hot water from a relationship perspective as a more viable option appears available

Oneshot: Yer No Vigilante…

Rob and Torin talk race, social media and its impact on the Trayvon Martin Saga.

Download Here!!!!


62: An then we’ll wear leather – The Jesse Jackson of Podcasting

Rob “to the muh fuggin” Lee and Torin discuss  movies, Steve Jobs, pro football, and weird news Download here!!!

61: So, No Bear-rape?

In an episode where one of our hosts returns from the darkness to talk sports, transexuals and black republicans.Download Here!

58: The Baltimore Bomb X Offensive Outbursts…

Download Here

Rob welcomes back Dann D. The boys catch up and talk soccer, the bitches and politics.

Operation Burn 1

This a test, a test from the emergency burncast system. Mastermind Team’s Rob Lee and his younger brother, Rudo, are having smoke-filled conversations about getting old. Enjoy.

Download Session 1

Download Session 2

Download Session 3

Download Session 4

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Download Session 6

Download Session 7

Nom Mecca’s Rajon Random – Bars

“They say loose lips, sink ships/
So I close mine, zip, sit back make chips/
So I can live in a warmer climate/
With drug dealers, stuck up hoes with fake tits/”

Nom Mecca