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Words 5 | I’m Untouchable!

An episode where words are defined, what’s a food and tumblr is discovered by our favorite writer.

Picking & Sticking (verb) – begrudgingly choosing and remaining with a woman for the goal of sex

Packing & Stacking (verb) – the act of compiling datable women

Waiver Wire (noun) – the process in which a datable friend is available almost immediately after a break-up

Crab Status (verb) – the act when a guy is causing a wedge in a woman’s weakened relationship for the purpose of being a rebound lay

Trading Block (noun) –  the distinction of a person that may be broken-up with; this person is in hot water from a relationship perspective as a more viable option appears available

Oneshot: Yer No Vigilante…

Rob and Torin talk race, social media and its impact on the Trayvon Martin Saga.

Download Here!!!!


62: An then we’ll wear leather – The Jesse Jackson of Podcasting

Rob “to the muh fuggin” Lee and Torin discuss  movies, Steve Jobs, pro football, and weird news Download here!!!

61: So, No Bear-rape?

In an episode where one of our hosts returns from the darkness to talk sports, transexuals and black republicans.Download Here!

58: The Baltimore Bomb X Offensive Outbursts…

Download Here

Rob welcomes back Dann D. The boys catch up and talk soccer, the bitches and politics.

Operation Burn 1

This a test, a test from the emergency burncast system. Mastermind Team’s Rob Lee and his younger brother, Rudo, are having smoke-filled conversations about getting old. Enjoy.

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Nom Mecca’s Rajon Random – Bars

“They say loose lips, sink ships/
So I close mine, zip, sit back make chips/
So I can live in a warmer climate/
With drug dealers, stuck up hoes with fake tits/”

Nom Mecca