July 16

Cummin’ Soon with Lisa & Rob Lee | 8 – Kinkin It

An educational discussion where BDSM, consent and kinks are covered.

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June 2

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 145 | Stay Away From That Reggie

An episode where fetlife, regional foods and Marvel Comics top killers are covered.

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July 23

Geek Stuff | Death of Wolverine


Unless you’ve been living on the blue side of the moon you already know that Marvel is planning to kill off their most notorious character starting in September. Originally spoiled by Entertainment Weekly right before this year’s C2E2, Marvel will release a four issue mini-series that promises a bloody end to everyone’s favorite regenerating mutant. Written by Charles Soule and all-star veteran Steve McNiven, ‘Death of Wolverine’ will mark the end of the world famous character throughout Marvel’s current continuity. For how long, only Marvel knows. Personally, I hope they bring back Professor X before attempting ‘Wolverine: Rebirth’. In the meantime we will have ‘The Logan Legacy’ to look forward to. A five issue series, ‘The Logan Legacy’ will follow the after affect of Wolverine’s death through the eyes of X-23, Mystique, Sabertooth, Lady Deathstrike and Daken. If the death of Captain America taught us anything, it’s that this series will more than likely mimic the Fallen Solider mini-series that explored the five stages of grief via much more interesting characters than the ones featured in ‘The Logan Legacy’ (with the exception of Sabertooth).

For now all we can do is keep our fingers crossed for a brutal killfest before it all ends. We’ll keep you updated as the hype surrounding this book escalates across every comic related news feed on the internet.


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