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MTR The Network is the home of a raw, unfiltered podcasts, about weird news, pop culture and anything else we come across in our daily lives.

Our podcasting and entertainment network started in 2009 with a smartass and a microphone. Rob Lee, the creator, founder and reluctant namesake of the network, was a young executive who was bored with office life. Rob is an artist at heart and the blandness of office culture bugged him. He needed an escape. Mastermind Team’s Robcast became that escape.

The first episode of Robcast started off naturally with Rob complaining about something. The something was former National Football League Defensive lineman, Albert Haynesworth. As a fellow fatmen, Rob didn’t like Haynesworth receiving a large free agent contract. Was Rob jealous? Listen Here and you decide.

Rob liked podcasting and felt he was pretty good at it and the show grew. Robcast would bring in many cohosts and guest blogs into the fray. Our brand’s is being provocative, trying to elicit laughter and lastly, giving an opportunity to those who have been silenced.

Mastermind Team’s Robcast

Mastermind Team’s Robcast is our flagship podcast. While there are many Robcasts and many MTRs, only Mastermind Team’s Robcast on MTR The Network has the legendary duo, Rob Lee and Dann D.  There’s only one Mastermind Team. Mastermind Team’s Robcast is a weekly podcast where long time friends, Rob Lee and Dann D, get into it! The it for this podcast is weird news, pop culture and entertainment. Listen every week as the legendary duo dissect pop culture, delve into entertainment and spend way too much time discussing weird news.


Mastermind Team’s Robcast Player


Enter Dann D.

Dann D. has been one of the pillars of MTR The Network and Mastermind Team’s Robcast. Dann is a great writer – he’s written many reviews on the site as well as being a talented comic book writer. Rob Lee met Dann in 2004 and join Mastermind Team’s Robcast as a part-time cohost in 2010. Check out Dann’s food blog, Crown City Cooking.

MTR The Network Today

MTR Network has, like most things, changed over the years. From a morning zoo-esque podcast then “guy talk” radio and has found its niche in discussing shit that matters to our hosts. It’s more improvisational than it’s ever been.

The network has changed as well. At a point, MTR The Network had several diverse shows including Mtrocast, our sex education podcast, Cummin’ Soon and our music review podcast, I Put You on To. Today MTR the Network includes Mastermind Team’s Robcast and Unofficially Black.

Unofficially Black Y’all

Unofficially Black is the best black. It’s blackety black. The show came about when Rob Lee and the lovely and talented, #JustGreg had a conversation about not feeling “black enough”. Rob and #JustGreg are black men who don’t feel included in the black experience. So, they started a podcast to challenge the “black experience”. Unofficially Black – truly black excellence – is a weekly podcast challenging the “black experience”, discussing the latest in hip-hop news and breaking the news stories affecting the culture.

Blog Eat Blog

MTR The Network isn’t only podcasts. We’ve gotten more into blogging in recent years and will continue to write out our views on everything from everyday life to recipes and movie reviews. One of my favorite blogs on MTR The Network is Robservations. Robservations is a collection of the inner musings of Rob Lee – he breaks down his opinions – well observations on everyday life as 30 something, fat dude in Baltimore.

Speaking of eating check out our food blog – Crown City Cooking. This is Dann D’s project – sometimes it’s a podcast and other times it’s blog based. Regardless of the format, you’re bound to learn something about the latest food trends or get a great budget recipe to try at home.

Lastly, MTR The Network is the home of the coolest cats in town. Attorneys at Claw is a monthly comic written by Rob Lee. The comic details the hilarious misadventures of two lawyers, Mr. Whiskers and Dash, who try to balance justice with goofing off.

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