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Our podcast network, MTR Podcasts features Mastermind Team’s Robcast, a weekly podcast hosted by the legendary duo, Rob Lee & Dann D. The duo deliver observations on all things weird news, pop culture, and entertainment. Mastermind Team’s Robcast is a podcast aimed in being provocative, unique and at times just silly.

MTR Podcasts isn’t just Mastermind Team’s Robcast. MTR The Network features our weekly podcast dedicated to dissecting the black experience – Unofficially Black. Unofficially Black started in 2017 and is part interview show, part debate show featuring the lovely and talented Rob Lee and #JustGreg. MTR The Network features blogs like Robservations, and Crown City Cooking.

Mastermind Team’s Robcast Episodes

MTR The Network History

Mastermind Team’s Robcast, MTR for short, started in early 2009. Rob Lee was a young executive with a decent job but was unhappy – a lot like Ed Neumeier from Robocop fame. Unlike Ed, Rob didn’t put his energy into writing a screenplay about a robot cop or quit his job. Rob put his energy towards something creative. The first episode of the podcast was pretty much creator, Rob Lee, complaining about Albert Haynesworth signing with the ‘Skins.  Blame Albert Haynesworth.

In fact, 2009 was a big news year. Mastermind Team’s Robcast discussed everything from the Tiger Woods sex scandal to Michael Jackson’s death.

Honestly, Rob Lee has always had an interest in radio which, with his love for Smodcast and talk radio – led to him becoming a podcaster. Rob would always record something – whether it was cutting a wrestling promo or filming a student film. Rob was and continues to be interested in capturing moments.

From 2009 and onward, MTR The Network has had many podcasts and blogs that have come and gone. For those who’ve been around – you’ll remember fondly Mtrocast and Cummin’ Soon. MTR The Network has an archive of all our older content including the outlandish Operation Burn1, Y&R Movie Reviews and Not Your Mama’s Sex Podcast.

Mastermind Team’s Robcast Gets Legendary

Rob Lee, ever the visionary, recognized that as we become older people tend to grow apart. Above all, Rob wanted to express himself and allow his friends to do the same. He wanted to avoid that at all costs, therefore he thought of recording conversations with his friends weekly. Over the years these weekly conversations became more structured and a true podcast was born. However, finding a stable co-host was an issue.

Enter Dann D

Dann D. came along as Rob Lee’s full-time cohost in 2011. That interracial hetero-life-mate-marriage, like totally hetero, has made the duo legendary. Dann D. came into the show with a love of comics and soccer. Over the years, Dann’s developed as a performer and storyteller. Dann’s D. Rob’s resident white man on all things pale and sketchy.

Rob and Dann met in college and have been friends ever since. This friendship is the foundation that makes Mastermind Team’s Robcast so good. There’s a natural flow and rapport with Rob Lee and Dann D that is rarely captured for years let alone in a podcast. Seriously, Rob and Dann have only had one on-air fight – despite Rob’s best efforts with the dreaded New Challenger Segment.

MTR The Network Today

Mastermind Team’s Robcast continues to deliver raw, unfiltered observations on weird news, pop culture, and entertainment.  Mastermind Team’s Robcast has done a few live shows and have collaborated with podcast in and around Baltimore. Robcast has been honored to be showcased in the Baltimore Podcast Festival for consecutive years. Additionally, Unofficially Black with Rob Lee and the talented #JustGreg steers away from the weird news and toward the blackness.

Blackety Black Y’all

Unofficially Black is a podcast between two black men who challenge the narrative of the “black experience”. Unofficially Black is a podcast that came out of a question between friends Rob Lee and #JustGreg. “Why is my ‘black experience’ not a ‘Black Experience’?” Rob, who questions everything, posed the question and #JustGreg asked the same question and a podcast was born. Every Friday Rob and #JustGreg examine the latest in black news, black culture and entertainment. Unofficially Black records every week at a comedy club in Baltimore City.

Unofficially Black Episodes


Additionally, MTR The Network isn’t just podcasts, thought that’s what we love, we also write blogs on food reviews and comics. MTR The Network has a diverse array of interests and talents. We use this site, these podcasts and our blogs as an art form.

MTR Podcasts’ Future

Over the years, MTR Podcasts has changed from a 10 minute podcast about an overpaid NFL lineman to something more substantial. MTR The Network intends to continue and grow into something more which means seeing our pretty faces at live events in and around Baltimore.

Also, MTR The Network will finally get more into video production. There have been a few failed attempts to bring our audio podcast to the video podcast platform. For instance, check out YouTube to see the original Rob-cast, that’s our original studio.

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