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Hey man, I’ve got something on my mind – my daily routine.

There are numerous men’s health blogs and publications that use our insecurities as a means to gain favor and ultimately trust. The publications pick at you on your job, fashion sense and diet. There’s usually athletes or movie stars – the beautiful people gracing these publications. It’s similar to what women have dealt with for years. They’re not selling their position as an idea or means to do something, they sell it as this is how smart, successful and attractive people do it. We all want to be that right? So, their position sells itself. What I aim to do here is share some things that I do in the morning to start the day off right.

  1. Wake up on time

My natural circadian rhythms help me wake up at 6 or maybe 630 in the morning. This becomes my pattern. Previously I would set the alarm for that time and it wouldn’t take it didn’t feel natural and I would rebel against the clock – jabbing the snooze button or unplugging the clock. I would move my wind down time to earlier in the previous night to ensure that I get ample sleep. Give it a shot, try going to sleep on the weekend and monitoring when you naturally wake up – no alarm – try to pattern your time around that and see what takes. It’s a better start to the day. When I do it I don’t rush, I’m able to modify my time for delays and even work-out.

  1. Working out

I like to get up in the morning – before coffee, before feeding my cat and before washing my arse – and get on my stationary bike for twenty to thirty minutes. It’s a means to get my blood flowing – I build up a nice sweat and as a treat I watch and episode of Supernatural. I try not to look at exercise as a punishment but part of my routine.  I think starting off my day with something light in terms of time and moderate in terms of activity is a good way to get myself ready, energized for the day.

  1. Dress

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been combating stress and anxiety differently than I normally would. I’ve been playing a character – utilizing skills that take energy. Those skills relate to mattering. I take a show and get dressed. I get dressed like I’m a big deal – nice cologne on my lower level – like Issey Miyake – not too much – enough for people take notice. Followed by dressing like a CEO or at least how I think they would dress. Essentially, I wear a nice tie, trousers and a dress shirt. I wear an overcoat because it’s winter. A small change in wardrobe with the appropriate attitude has garnered me attention. Typically, my wardrobe was rushed which minimal thought and more focus on comfort – polo shirts and the occasional wrinkled joggers. Now, I dress like a banker essentially and I’m wearing a timepiece as well. I dress this way everyday even on casual days. Casual days are for comfort – I rather have other people fear comfort – I don’t want to be comfortable at work – I want to know I’m at work and this helps.

So, there you have it, give these things above a shot. It’s helped me and maybe it’s something you can remixed for your own day. Until next time feel free to shoot me an email at




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