7 Weird Facts about Baltimore

7 Weird Facts about Baltimore

Does the name Baltimore ring any bells to you? Do you find it hard to picture what kind of a place Baltimore is, whether it has it’s a weird side or whether it’s a place where you can only enjoy good things? Well, there is a weird side of Baltimore you should know. These are some of its weird facts:

Baltimore was once the leading state with most police brutality lawsuits

By 2011, Baltimore had paid over $5.7 million for police brutality lawsuits. The victims of severe brutality of the police included a pregnant woman, 86 year-old grandmother, 65 year-olds church deacon and people of color.

In Baltimore it “Wooder” not water

If you visit the Baltimore County, the native there drops “t” sound. So instead of water, it’s “wooder” and instead of Baltimore it becomes “Bawlmer.”

Blacks in Baltimore are most likely to be arrested for possessing marijuana

Baltimore’s African Americans are 5.6 times more likely to be arrested for possessing marijuana than other races in the city. It is the city with the fifth-highest rates of marijuana arrests in the US.

You don’t eat crabs using a fork

If you are found eating crabs using a fork, you will be in big trouble. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, try jumbo lump crab cakes instead of the famous Chesapeake blue crabs.

People in Baltimore love their special Natty Boh

Baltimoreans have never forgotten their Natty Boh (National Bohemian). The beloved Boh was available in the 1990’s, but when the brand was sold to Pabst Brewing Company, the people only accessed their favorite brew in bottles and cans. Now, National Bohemian is also found in keg form, and Baltimoreans can once again enjoy it the way they love it.

Baltimore power plant is not for electricity

Baltimore power plant is among the city’s top entertainment and dining destination. It is not an electric power plant, but a venue with more than 12 restaurants and bars where they host all kinds of events.

The city is getting a makeover

Police forces, city officials, state agencies and citizen group are searching for solutions like community outreach programs, job creation and crime prevention to curb violence and insecurity in the area.

There is more to Baltimore that you need to know. Above are seven weird facts about the city that you didn’t know. The more you learn about Baltimore, the better you get to know the city before touring or even settling there.



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