Words 7 | Dick Butter

Words 7 | Dick Butter


Puspaya – when your pussy sweats

Red Shirts – taken from Star Trek mythos, when a you date will not come home with you

Jonathan Frakes – taken from Star Trek: The Next Generation mythos, clearly this person is number 2 or a side chick but is called number 1 for ego purposes

G.I. Joe – general information

Storm Shadow – taken from G.I. Joe mythos, cum

Roadblock or Scarlett – taken from G.I. Joe mythos, periods

Tight – general annoyance

Base Layer – general, all-encompassing annoyance; standard annoyance

Vice Grip – very annoyed, must be reduced

Virgin Pussy (VP) – annoyance that can be eased

Leather Pants – annoyed by your own clothes

Unbroken-in Leather Shoe – Annoyance regarding your commute

Downs – Dates

Turnover On Downs – making a last-ditch effort to have sex after a date; fucking on a horse track; having sex with a girl with Downs Syndrome

Ray Lewising – saying nonsensical things in an earnest manner

Zebra Cakes – biracial girl with a big ass


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