Words 9 | Wang Me Up

Failblazer | (noun) –  someone who finds new ways to fail

Murtaughing | (verb) – taken from Lethal Weapon mythos, when someone is too old for something

Working cases | (verb) –  multiple dates in one day

Pro bono | (noun) –  friends with benefits

Lawyering up | (verb) –  getting a date; a verbal contract for sex

Fallout shelter communication | (noun) –  a series of sniffs and grunts that equate discernable conversation; the post conversation after a break-up

Hurling it | (verb) – taken from the Hurley mythos, innocuous conversation filled with cliches to get good information

Ray Charles leading Stevie Wonder | (idiom) –  the blind leading the blind

Shitizens | (noun) –  large shits, could be it’s own person; awful, indifferent people

Trail of tears | (noun) – crop dusting

Licking stamps | (verb) – cunniglingus

Mailman | (noun) – a guy willing to have sex under any condition

Milkman | (noun) –  can cum on command

Malegorithm/galgorithm | (noun) –  the metrics on whether a guy or gal is hot; odds of getting a man or women

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