Words 5 | I’m Untouchable

An episode where words are defined, what’s a food and Tumblr is discovered by our favorite writer.

Picking & Sticking (verb) – begrudgingly choosing and remaining with a woman for the goal of sex

Packing & Stacking (verb) – the act of compiling datable women

Waiver Wire (noun) – the process in which a datable friend is available almost immediately after a break-up

Crab Status (verb) – the act when a guy is causing a wedge in a woman’s weakened relationship for the purpose of being a rebound lay

Trading Block (noun) –  the distinction of a person that may be broken-up with; this person is in hot water from a relationship perspective as a more viable option appears available

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Posted 01/23/2014 by Rob Lee in category "Blog", "MTR The Network Podcasts", "Oneshots