A Rat, A Cat and A Dog

Attorneys At Claw - A Rat, A Cat and A Dog, from MTR PodcastsMTR Podcasts Proudly Presents Attorneys At Claw

In this installment of MTR The Network Presents Attorney’s At Claw, things come together and questions are answered.

For weeks, Mr. Whiskers has been absent from the law office leaving Dash and Snow to address the dog cartel, Barcos, trial.

What is Mr. Whiskers doing during this absence? He’s handling business of course.

It happens that our heroes are in loads of debt and may lose the office so Mr. Whiskers has been working for Vermin International for weeks.

During this brief tenure, Mr. Whiskers has been used to get intelligence on the inner workings of Vermin International and it’s founder, Ratchard Vermington III.

Working for both Vermin International and obtaining intelligence on their operations, he’s able to pay down the debt the firm has accrued.

Mr. Whisker is working for A.Doberman, a federal agent posing as a janitor at Vermin International. Doberman serves as Mr. Whiskers handler – they don’t get around. Mr. Whiskers is doing this to save the firm but he may lose his friendships with Dash and Snowball.

Find out on the next issue of MTR Podcasts Proudly Presents Attorneys At Claw

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