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It’s noon on the east coast and while dozens of students and state employees scour the streets for a quick meal, I am sitting comfortably at my favorite sub shop watching it all pass by in a blur. I have very specific wants and needs when craving a cheese steak. Call me a diva if you want, but you can’t just go to any hole in the wall sub shop thinking it’ll work out. No, I need the best of the best and that special somewhere is located right around the corner from my day job.

The Real Thing is run by two foreign gentlemen with big hearts and a passion for creating remarkable carry-out food. Their signature dish: a 8’ cheese steak that will make you reevaluate your life. The secret (in my opinion) to this sub is the way they chop the meat. Pillowy doesn’t even begin to describe how light this cheese steak feels. While I pride myself on dressing my meals with an assortment of condiments, all you really need at The Real Thing is lettuce and a standard amount of mayo, the overall flavor of the beef mixed with fresh provolone does all the heavy lifting. They do offer an assortment of add-ons but all you really need is the meat and cheese.

The Real Thing is open 7 days a week in Towson. If you’re like me and have too much to deal with in your working life, TRT caters to the bar/late night crowd with a 11 am to 3 am schedule Thursdays thru Saturdays. While I’ve seen many random eateries come and go in this part of town, it’s safe to say The Real Thing isn’t going anywhere. Check them out with a friend so you have someone to revel with after finishing an entire sub. Because yes, you really had to eat the whole thing.


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