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Hey man…

Rob Lee here asking you for a square one – a huge favor. This Month, we’re having a free event with our buddies from CoPlay Media. Where you may ask?  We’re asking you to come out for our second live show at the Annex Theater in The Bromo Arts District in Baltimore city on December 16th 2017 at 7PM.

In conclusion, CoPlay Media and Mastermind Team’s Robcast are joining forces for a special end of the year show. So come out and spend your Saturday with four moderately handsome 30-year-olds – you know that whole thing about having a voice for radio is a backhanded compliment – in sun-er-well, hopefully, not snow covered Baltimore. Fingers crossed.

For those who may not know:

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CoPlay Media is your guide through a variety of topics in the world of Anime and Gaming. CoPlay’s Hurricane D and Zamboni debate, discuss and dissect a myriad of subjects from gaming news, anime reviews, conventions, and so much more. CoPlay Media performed at the Baltimore Podcast Festival with Robcast and many other great podcasts.  Rob Lee and Dann has guest hosted 2 episodes of CoPlay’s podcast. It’s a great friendship born of podcasting.



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The Baltimore Podcast Festival 2017

Mastermind Team’s Robcast with Rob Lee and Dann D is a no-holds barred, unfiltered convo about weird news, off-beat crime, pop culture and personal musings. Mastermind Team’s Robcast dates back to 2009 and is Baltimore through and through. Robcast begot this site – Mtrthenetwork – a collaborative of podcasts and blogs that aim to give voices to creatives in Baltimore city. Robcast is hosted by two foodies who are obsessed with alligator stories, off-beat crime and their own opinions.



Afterwards, chew the fat with us after we make asses of ourselves live. I’m told that I’m a little too provocative. So there’s that. It will be a fun night,


if you like our podcast, gaming, trivia, you want to keep Baltimore weird or you want a distraction from the impending North Korea rule and our Annoying Orange “leader” you should come out. You can’t go wrong.


Rudy selling shirts at the Windup Space for the Baltimore Podcast FestivalThis is a free event and a perfect way to make friends.

Merchandise will be available so maybe you could bring a couple dollars. Let us wet our beaks.

Donation are appreciated.

Come be apart of the action.

Check us out here  and Here


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