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In honor of season 2’s release, I went out looking for old school Daredevil comics. My local shop had a random assortment but nothing that really stood out at first glance. That’s when I found issue 208. What makes this issue interesting is that it’s written by legendary authors Harlan Ellison and Arthur Byron Cover.

The story sees Daredevil lured into a house of spikes, snakes and other traps designed to block Matt’s heightened senses. After making his way through the elaborate maze, Horn Head reaches a recorded message from low-rent villain Death-Stalker’s mother, blaming him for her son’s death. Daredevil narrowly escapes before the entire estate blows up in a fiery heap. After a quick change at Black Widow’s apartment, it’s off to court where Matt’s last words “… And I’m safe” echo as the explosive distraction that lured DD into danger at the beginning of the story looms in the background of the final panel.

A fun read and a neat collectible if I do say so myself. I’m familiar with Ellison and Cover’s work in science fiction but never knew they had ever written anything for the Big Two. I’d definitely suggest grabbing it if you see it lurking in the back issues bin.


… Now back to the binge!


– Dann

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