Geek Stuff

Our resident geek, Dann D, covers everything from comics to video games in this blog series.

Geek Stuff | 002 New York and Beyond

Image/Flickr Fresh off the heels of New York Comic Con! Dann covers the news across the Multiverse including New York Comic Con and the latest comic releases.

Geek Stuff | 001 The New Multiverse

Image/Flickr It's the dawn of a brand new podcast! Dann D provides his unique perspective on Gotham, Comic Solicitations and other stories across the multiverse.

Geek Stuff | Death of Wolverine

Image/Flickr Unless you’ve been living on the blue side of the moon you already know that Marvel is planning to kill off their most notorious character starting in September. Originally…

Geek Stuff | Pink Is The New Green

  Alan Scott: the original Green Lantern. For decades, he has fought alongside the JSA, ridding the world of evil. He’s on a first name basis with Hawkman, Dr. Fate,…