Young Justice Season 3 Review

the-team-young-justice-33410434-1534-521Cartoon Network will always make me upset that they canceled this show. Honestly still don’t understand why. Toy Sales!!?? (Seriously didn’t know toys were made for this show). When this show appeared back on Netflix consider me one of those folks who watched it again religiously once you get past the “Hello Me’gan” and “Neptune’s Beard” nonsense you would an incredible show that close to perfection in terms of execution. Young Justice did something that is extremely difficult to do (until I saw My Hero Academia) they were able to beautifully develop every character from the original team of known sidekicks Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing), Kaldur’ahm (Aqualad), Wally West (Kid Flash), M’gann M’rozz (Megan/Miss Martian), Artimis (Tigress), and Connor Kent (Superboy) and adding new characters along the way to add depth and even some members of the league had character depth. Young Justice 1st two seasons were incredible and provided a show since Justice League Unlimited to provide mature content, along with really strong comedic points as well. However, once we got the to the amazing cliff hanger ending (seriously that cliffhanger was one to die for), Cartoon Network pulled the damn plug in 2013.

3 Years later, we were told Young Justice will be getting but it took another 3 years and the streaming service DC Universe to finally come to the light (pun intended). And good god this season delivers so far! I say so far because we were given the 1st half of season and the 2nd half comes in June.  The 1st 13 episodes improves on the 1st two seasons while adding new wrinkles into the mix. Where 5 years passed between season 1 and 2 this season is only 2 years later. The original teams is back and they’re fully grown. Each member has new responsibilities one I won’t spoil but was extremely gratifying.  Young Justice Season 3 also moves into a very darker territory this season, as they tackle (Meta) human trafficking this season and they begin to introduce new characters such as Halo, Geo-Force, Forager, and the reintroduction of Cyborg (with a new twist on his story). We pick up with the villainous group the Light and Darkseid taking on the Justice League. However, with the League being forced to follow regulations headed by Lex Luther, a member of the light, the League has to take drastic measures to take down the Meta trafficking rings set by the Light and Darkseid as well as find a way to take them down.

The 1st 13 episodes were absolutely incredible from the voice cast, each episode layout, character direction. From every aspect of these episodes were virtually flawless they were a few hiccups like the Batman in episode 1 his design felt off. There is one character on the original Young Justice team that saw a major character development but we rarely see him hopefully that changes. Black Lightening went from being bald and clean shaved to having hair and a beard. I will say Black Lightening might be the MVP of the 1st 13 episodes as handles PTSD due to something that transpired in episode 1. Dick Grayson keep growing more and more into a leader and actually doing it better than his mentor Batman.  Me’gan and Connor are growing as a couple and matured a lot. Superboy went from being a hot head to teaching the hot heads to level themselves.  Me’gan now runs the Young Justice team consisting of Blue Beetle, Static Shock, Wonder-girl (Cassie not Donna Troy), Kid Flash (Bart Allen), and Thirteen. Me’gan went from the playing someone on TV to leading the team now. The original team has grown. Artimis is still dealing with the loss of Wally, but still provides support and kicking ass.  Even Vandal Savage the leader of the Light is given more of backstory and man that was amazing.

I’m trying to go to deep into this review because that would go into spoiler territory, I will say Young Justice Season 3 is a blast so far and honestly is getting better by the episodes. I’m honestly ready to add this show to the debate for greatest superhero animated show of all time with Batman the Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, and Marvel’s X-Men. This show has been incredible from start to finish. The next 13 episodes of season 3 comes in July and I’m extremely looking forward to seeing them.   The DC Universe streaming service may be lacking content so far, but this show makes the streaming service a high recommend.

My favorite episodes

Episode 1: Princes All: Man what a way to start a season! The 1st 10 minutes showed they weren’t afraid to make changes and go dark. This gave me hope all season.

Episode 8: Triptych: Arguably my favorite of the season we get the payoff of the transpiring’s in Episode one in a very clever way.

Episode 12: Nightmare Monkeys: Just watch batshit insane but told an amazing story.

Episodes you can miss/filler

Episode 4: Private Security Honestly this was a great episode but it felt like an episode just for laughs and to be there. This was a good one but I had choose one out of the 13.  Also, if this is your worst episode that’s a really GOOD sign you show is amazing.

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