National Doughnut Day, A Review

National Doughnut Day, A Review 1

I am a creature of habit.

I know what I like and I know what I love, so it’s no surprise that I stick to my favorite foods like… any number of food based metaphors. There are those rare occasions, though, where I will throw caution to the wind whenever something new is presented to me. Enter Diablo Doughnuts, one of our absolute favorites here at MTR the Network.

With today being National Doughnut Day, I wanted to write a little something based on my last trip to Diablo. Even with all the great mainstays for sale, I couldn’t help but immediately want a sampling of all the new flavors Roz is cooking up in the kitchen. Here, presented for your reading pleasure, is a short review of four incredible doughnuts that can be found on sale now.



Starting with my favorite, the PB&J goes beyond what any doughnut provaior is currently churning out. Sliced open like bread, the cakey doughnut is slathered with a mix of red jelly and marshmallow. At least I think it is marshmallow, it immediately reminded me of the marshmallow doughnuts served at Herman’s Bakery. While the smooth peanut butter is only drizzled over the top with a sprinkling of crushed peanuts, it spreads well with every bite. I can definitely see this doughnut being the favorite of any family with a child who’s a picky eater.


Orange Slice

The chocolate doughnut to end all chocolate doughnuts! Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a drizzle of orange crème topped off with an old school Brocks orange slice. My favorite part of this doughnut was the incorporation of the orange gumdrop. Those fat orange wedges are older than me, Roz and probably eighty-some percent of the people reading this review. Many would write them off but Roz has found a way to bring them back into the spotlight. That fresh gummy flavor works incredibly well with double chocolate. Half way through the doughnut I started alternating between bites of orange slice and doughnut. I may have even giggled once or twice.

Lemon Bomb

This is the one doughnut I didn’t eat. My mom, like the rest of us, is a major Diablo fan on top of being a lemon lover. She already holds Diablo’s lemon meringue as the standard for all other lemon meringue doughnuts, so it goes without saying she called dibs on the Lemon Bomb before I even opened the box.

A sugary doughnut loaded with lemon filling in each bite, absolute perfection! – Mom


Cherry Pistachio

I am not a Pistachio fan, I mostly stick to cashews when eating peanuts. However, I love a good cherry frosting or jelly or jam or whatever else you want to mix cherries into. The Pistachio fully lines the rim of the doughnut, not unlike a perfectly salted margarita glass, and complements the sweet cherry flavor. There was a minimal amount of fallen pistachio bits, which was fine with me because I sprinkled them back onto the doughnut. Like the Orange Slice, the Cherry Pistachio is refreshing, delicious and creative as all hell.


As always, I hope these words move you to check Diablo Doughnuts out for yourself. They are located at 1035 Light St, Baltimore, Md, 21230. If you hurry, there just might be a few left!


Happy National Doughnut Day!


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