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So last night, Greg, his sister and I went to see The Room at the Charles Theatre. It was serendipitous that, movie reviewed by one of my favorite podcasts, OSWReviews, was playing in my city. I had to go. I was a whopper experience. The Room’s status as a cult classic was quite evident in the theater – folks where throwing footballs, spoons and dressed in Tuxedos.

The Room Experience

The experience was reminiscent to going to an indie wrestling show – the chants, running jokes and even a lad to properly time when Johnny (Tommy Wiseau’s) character looked off-screen during the movie – I was as if Johnny was looking at the person in our theater. It was funny. I could tell that people admired this movie. The movie is much maligned yet beloved for its glut of errors.  The movie has so much wrong with it from music, to budget, to acting.

I Get Inspired by Other Podcasts

OSWReviews does a great job in reviewing movies – they actually make me want to see the movies they review or even re-watch for things I’ve missed – like the review of The Watchmen. I’ve never seen the movie but there were things I looked for due to watching the Review so many times. The other winning parts of the theatrical cut were the added bonus of the trailer for The Disaster Artist and message from James Franco and Wiseau. Additionally, there was a horrendous ad for Tommy Wiseau underwear, which I may buy. I would recommend anyone see the movie with a group of friends – the joy of the movie is that it’s so mockable, it inspires irreverent commentary.

“You’re tearing me apart, Lisa.”

Rob Lee

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