Duck Confit

As the restaurant world continues to grow and make room for new voices, we continue to dig deeper, asking ourselves how we can possibly compete. When honest creativity is found on every plate, it is easy to overlook true genius. That is why I felt compelled to take this message beyond my normal Instagram post to tell you, Foraged. is one of those places that must be recognized for its sheer brilliance.

I hate repeating myself, but this is one of those times where it bears repeating: the word phenomenal doesn’t even begin to describe the culinary experience found at Foraged. Billed as the hyper-seasonal eatery, Chef Amendola and crew are serving farm-to-table meals that push beyond the concept. True to their name, all of the ingredients are locally sourced from the farm and the forest. This might scare those of you with random food allergies, but one look at the menu will tell you all you need to know about the love and care put into food that’s meant for everyone.

Before I even set foot in the door, I had already decided my first foraged meal would include duck, oysters and bone marrow. I’ve had all three of these things before, often and in different formats. What I wasn’t prepared for was the velvet like breading of the perfectly fried oysters, the buttery smoothness of the bone marrow against the crunchy bits of herb crumbs and bird beak peppers, and the Michelin Star worthy duck confit. After two bites of the duck, I looked up at my friend who was kind enough to join me for dinner and said:

“This is the duck equivalent of a Ribeye steak.”

We shared the plate, agreeing it was the best duck we’d ever eaten.

The wild card of the night would go to the kewl ranch pig ears that tasted like warm fatty pieces of jerky.

I could go on to tell you about the assortment of condiments that accompanied our meal and how they paired with the overall course. I could also tell you about the bright ambiance and esthetic of the small dining room. I could do all of this and more, but you would end up reading a dissertation. I implore you, go there! Make a reservation and do it soon, because the change of season will bring a brand new menu. A menu full of unique possibilities and absolute flavor… but a menu that’s vacant of the greatest god damn duck you will ever eat in your entire life!