2 – Getting the Truth in this Art – Eze Jackson

Baltimore is for Artists

Rob Lee from the mighty, MTR Podcasts, is here to highlight Baltimore artists.

This podcast is an opportunity to authentically highlight Baltimore artists – getting to the truth in this art.

In this new episode, Rob Lee welcomes, Eze Jackson.. Eze as a talented rapper from Baltimore and the frontman of the band Soul Cannon. At the time of this recording, Eze’s latest project, Fool, just dropped but Eze didn’t come on the show to only talk about the project he had a lot to say about activism, Baltimore vs. DMV and an “orange bitch” taking ill of Charm City. Eze was there for all of the smoke.

He’s No Fool

Eze is not just a rapper. He’s an activist, journalist and versatile artist with a self-awareness and mindfulness that many artists conceal. He’s an open guy. The new project, Fool, really gets into experiences from trauma to triumph that he’s encountered.

On of the biggest observations taken from the interview with Eze Jackson is he’s aware. Not woke but aware, there’s an authenticity and certainty in his awareness. There’s realism and passion, insight and understanding. Mostly there’s love coming from Eze – love for people, love for Baltimore and love for art.

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