Mastermind Team’s Robcast 224 | It Only Takes Coffee

A new day is dawning in the MTR universe!

On this all new episode, Rob and Dann delve into the past in order to move into the future! Foregoing New Challenger for free form conversation that hasn’t been seen since episode 190-something, Rob and Dann reflect on pizza and NBC’s entire TGIF lineup. Rob waxes poetics about the finer perks and pitfalls of gainful employment while Dann pretends he’s not living a bleak existence. What will happen when Mr. Belvedere and Evil Cousin Larry threaten the fabric of time? Is the key to life really embedded in the fibers of an old ratty orange couch? Can Geek Stuff carry an entire show as the only segment left standing with only two white wolf power orbs in his pocket? Leave your old Playstation demos at the door and unite with the last generation of arcade kids!

Join us for this very special, stink-line free episode of the Robcast.

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