Mastermind Team’s Robcast Episode 227 | Black is the New Black

Rob Lee and Dann D

Anime is cool

Prepare yourself for an all new episode of the Robcast!

Where were you when black people were first declared the coolest race of people? Hopefully not facing your parents in rent court. Rob Lee and Dann D discuss the culture behind the clap back, Kendrick Lamar and what it takes to be a little spoon in a big spoon’s world. Is it okay to marry minors if your Brazilian and a legendary soccer player? Not if Rob has anything to say about it. In a twist of fate, New Challenger shocks everyone with zero dick stories, a feat that hasn’t been seen in over one hundred episodes. Meanwhile, Greg is called in to fix the volcanic crisis in Hawaii.
Can Crown City Cook track down criminals with only a left over corn dog stick as a lead? Will Woody Allen every find appropriate true love? All we know for certain is, don’t eat the raw chicken!
Whether you stream now or download and listen later, you don’t want to miss the episode that answers the question: Who would win in a fight, Rocky Balboa or Grace Jones?


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