The Best Podcast In Baltimore, Mastermind Team’s Robcast, has a hot boy summer.

The Legendary Duo, Rob Lee and Dann D, are back and going nuts on an all new episode where a hot boy summer and big butt improvs are discussed. 

Speaking of improvs – come out to the Baltimore Improv Group (BIG) and help us truly celebrate our hot boy summer with a live podcast. Tickets are available on eventbrite.

Have you tried to eat Zombie chicken? Seriously cook 👏 your 👏 chicken 🐓.

Later, Dann coins the LGBTQ equivalent of cosplay called ‘cosgay’.  Rob realized he’s becoming Uncle Rob not really a hot boy. Also, the duo breakdown their thoughts on local pizza 🍕  and making a slasher film – titties to murder ratio. 

New Challenger, returns!

Who knew nuts 🥜  improve orgasms? So nuts for better nuts? Later, Rob & Dann D dissect a dating poll in an effort to better understand women. Rob Lee covers the most annoying tv & film kids of all-time.

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Attorneys at Claw

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