The legendary duo, Rob Lee and Dann D, are back with new raw and unfiltered observations on weird news, pop culture and entertainment.

This week on Mastermind Team’s Robcast.

Rob and Dann cover stories about parents destroying one man’s porn collection. seriously, who keeps a collect – not on a few hard drives of course – but an analog collection, a Moose detective and much more in New Challenger including a woman threatening police with Karate while he naked son and dog ruin a store.

Let’s be serious for a moment who has a porn collection valued at $29,000?

Also, discussion and technically, a discovery of the Cassowary happens. Cassowaries are a menace to one Florida man and even Batman. The headline – “Man murdered by Cassowary” – sounds like the Penguin was involved somehow.

Later, the Simpsons-themed metal band, the Okilly Dokillys is revisited. Have a White Wine Spritzer.

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