Not Your Mama’s Sex Episode 5 | Oral Odyssey, part 1

Not Your Mama's Sex Episode 5 | Oral Odyssey, part 1 1Welcome to week five of “Not Your Mama’s Sex”!!! Wow, your cohosts are still doing this thing huh? If you are a newbie to the show STOP, turn around and start from episode one!!! Trust me, you will thank me later. If you are a regular, welcome back lover!

This week’s Main Course swallows the subject of Oral Sex (wink), an Oral Odyssey . Join Mr. Podcast Rob Lee and your neighborhood friendly enticing Relationship Enhancement Specialist Myoshi on a journey of eight steps to giving a mind blowing blowjob. Myoshi breaks down the #factsonfacts instructions while Rob Lee comes in with his personal perspective for each step. This episode is truly the embodiment of the give and take and banter that you have come to love from the cohosts. What happens when you mix a Relationship Enhancement Specialist with an ego and a competitive nature? Hmm, Myoshi will let you know if she is all talk or if she walks the walk. 
Before the Main Course, there always has to be some Foreplay… and this week Rob Lee breaks it DOWN for the end of Masturbation month! He shares some tips and tricks that even shock Myoshi, so you know it has to be good. Myoshi tells the audience why she doesn’t want her mother to listen to the show and gives you a little sneak peek of what is to come for the live show… 
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“Not Your Mama’s Sex” is a sex-positive podcast that focuses on sex, relationships, communication, and kink with facts and life experience from a female and male perspective. Join our co-hosts each Wednesday when a new episode drops and don’t forget to share with your friends!
Warning: Not Your Mama’s Sex is not for the faint of heart! If you have any sexual hang-ups please walk away because this podcast “Goes There”.

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