Operation Burn1

Much like Mission Impossible, Rudo was left with a challenge that seemed insurmountable. The challenge, which he acceptable, was to complete a blunt while his youngest kid slept. Rudo is a multitasker Eventually a recorder was added because the conversations were hilarious. Operaton Burn1 grew out of multitasking. Check out some of Rudo’s hard work.

Operation Burn1 19 | Cypher Talk

Download Here! Rudo, Snoop & Medix talk about sneaking into sporting events, trial dates, kids, rap, Peyton Manning and much more. **recorded March 19 Related articles Shady 2011 Cypher (iamhiphop4life.wordpress.com)…

Operation Burn1 18 | My Ish Is Dirty….

Download Here!!! Rudo, Snoop invite the Dev and Slim to  talk synthethic weed, headshops, chicks in headscarves and more.

Operation Burn1 16 | Niggas In ABQ

Download Here! Rob and Rudy talk about they're trip to New Mexico, Roswell, bad trips and recent sports... Related articles What do you define as living reckless? (mtrthenetwork.com) Baltimore Gamer…