Unofficially Black

Unofficially Black

Unofficially Black is a podcast between two black men who challenge the narrative of the “black experience”.

Our podcast came out of a question between friends Rob Lee and #JustGreg. “Why is my ‘black experience’ not a ‘Black Experience’?”

Every Friday Rob and #JustGreg examine the latest in black news, black culture and entertainment. Unofficially Black records every week at a comedy club in Baltimore City.

Unofficial Presidential Alert

Presidential Alert! The blackest podcast on MTR Podcasts - Unofficially Black is back! (Warning the microphones were really off this episode. Please listen at a low volume) We're black I…

Unofficial Re-Debut

We're back with the blackest podcast on MTR Podcasts - Unofficially Black!!! But in a new studio. We are officially restarting our show and bringing a new identity to what…