In the latest episode of the Blackety Blackest show around – Unofficially Black, Rob Lee & Just_Greg are back with the smoke – the unofficial smoke.

In this episode the guys cover:

Jay-Z partnership with the NFL and the response to that news

There’s mixed responses around this news. Some feel it’s a sell-out move while others are happy Jay-Z is getting a seat at the NFL table. Is Jay-Z’s partnership with the NFL solving social injustices? Is it more of a business move than a moral move?

Chicken Wars: Chick-fil-a Vs. Popeye’s for Chicken Sandwich supremacy

Are you fucking with your chicken?

The 10th Anniversary of MTR The Network

New music, including the latest from Rapsody and Little Brother.

Lastly, we’re bringing back Rob’s favorite segment – Unofficially Black’s Great Moments in Blaxploitation

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