We’re back with the blackest podcast on MTR Podcasts – Unofficially Black!!!

But in a new studio. We are officially restarting our show and bringing a new identity to what was already established.

Rob Lee and Just_Greg discuss the new transition at @2:00. Discusses new aspect of our lives since we took a layoff @5:30. A rant on The Hate U Give film/book @17:30. Bill Cosby discussion @21:05. Logic and Lil Wayne’s album release @30:00. Song Writing vs Ghost Writing @39:00. Everyone hating on Cardi still sigh @42:30. To the 1st of many shows and we will be announcing new aspects of the show as we go along as well as introduce video in the near future, Enjoy!!

We’re on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Spreaker and any of the podcast things.

Listen, share and enjoy.

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We’re on Spreaker and any of the podcast things.

Listen, share and enjoy.

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Also, check out your favorite cast members of #mtrpodcasts on our new comic strip – Attorney’s At Claw. Check out the misadventures of two cats doing their best to make a living in this cat-eat-cat work. Mr. Whiskers is based on Rob Lee and Dash is based on Dann D. Attorney’s At Claw is like Nelson/Murdock but with our favorite pot-smoking felines.

For more on this wackness check out all of our episodes on Spreaker, Youtube and Spotify. #UB1 #unofficiallyblack #mtrpodcasts

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I'm the creator of MTR The Network. In this collection of podcasts, led by Robcast, we share the weirdest news from around the globe, reviews, and opinions on entertainment. Get lifted with the finest high-grade with Operation Burn1. On MTR The Network, we always have something to say, something to share. We want your thoughts too! Send us feedback at mastermindteamrobcast@live.com
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