Operation Burn1

Much like Mission Impossible, Rudo was left with a challenge that seemed insurmountable. The challenge, which he acceptable, was to complete a blunt while his youngest kid slept. Rudo is a multitasker Eventually a recorder was added because the conversations were hilarious. Operaton Burn1 grew out of multitasking. Check out some of Rudo’s hard work.

Operation Burn1 19 | Cypher Talk

Download Here! Rudo, Snoop & Medix talk about sneaking into sporting events, trial dates, kids, rap, Peyton Manning and much more. **recorded March 19 Related articles Shady 2011 Cypher (iamhiphop4life.wordpress.com)…

Operation Burn1 18 | My Ish Is Dirty….

Download Here!!! Rudo, Snoop invite the Dev and Slim to  talk synthethic weed, headshops, chicks in headscarves and more.