MTR Podcasts: It All Started With Strange News

Our podcast, Mastermind Team’s Robcast, is a weekly podcast hosted by the legendary duo, Rob Lee & Dann D. The duo speak on all things weird news, pop culture, and entertainment.

Mastermind Team’s Robcast, MTR for short, started in early 2009. The first episode of the podcast was pretty much creator, Rob Lee, complaining about Albert Haynesworth signing with the ‘Skins. In essence, Mastermind Team’s Robcast and, later, MTR Podcasts, was born out of the desire of Rob Lee and his friends discussing the topics that “matter” and in their own, unique ways. For those who love or hate Mastermind Team’s Robcast, you can blame Albert Haynesworth. He’s truly responsible for this podcasts (not really.) Honestly, Rob Lee has always had an interest in radio which, with his love for Smodcast and talk radio, got him into recording weekly podcasts.

From 2009 and onward, Rob Lee has had many co-hosts that have come and gone. While Mastermind Team’s Robcast is the stalwart, it’s a great idea to check out all of the shows in the archive. This would better articulate where our network, MTR The Network, has come from.

Dann D. came along as Rob Lee’s full-time cohost in 2011. That interracial hetero-life-mate-marriage, like totally hetero, has made the duo legendary. Have a listen to these friends cover what matters most.

Mastermind Team’s Robcast is your source for podcasts on weird crime, pop culture, and entertainment. Robcast has been and will continue to be pretty damned listenable.

MTR Podcasts doesn’t end with Mastermind Team’s Robcast. We’re much more than just your source for the best podcasts in the business. MTR Podcasts has a series of blogs ranging from food reviews like Crown City Cook and reviews on pop culture like An Idiot’s Guide to. Surely, MTR Podcasts provides something for everyone.

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