July 10

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 232 | For Your Consideration

The only podcast certified BDE!

This week, Torin joins the gang for a round-table discussion including Big Dick Energy, terrifying toys and dispensaries. Rob and Dann hold the first World Cup of butts that goes all the way from groups to finals in a single evening! Where were you when Toys R Us closed their doors for good? Hopefully not raging over the live action Teen Titans or Luke Cage. How would you feel if Cloak and Dagger switched genders? Our answers might surprise you. Rob talks about the culture and concept of corruption while Dann freaks out about Stranger Things, again.

Whether you stream now or download and listen later, you don’t want to miss the episode that proves why Ditto is the best Pokémon of them all!

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July 3

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 231 | Call Me Butt Juice

Young hearts run free on an all new Robcast!

On this week’s episode, Rob and Dann pay their last respects to a fallen WWE legend. Crown City Cook tells a cautionary tale that all buffet owners should heed plus coffee fueled racism is on the menu at a Dunkin Donuts here in Baltimore. There’s no escaping this week’s fresh dick jokes as New Challenger thrills and entertains everyone except Dann. Are you guilty of Gatsbying?

What’s worse, getting nicknamed Butt Juice or getting stabbed by a guy named Butt Juice? All we know for certain is: drinking dog pee is disgusting!

Meanwhile, Greg reveals that he is, in fact, a host.

Whether you stream now or download and listen later, you don’t want to miss the only episode to survive a five round Texas Death Match inside of a steel cage!


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June 27

Not Your Mama’s Sex Episode 8 | Even The Backdoor

Eight episodes in and you are still with us? Well, we do not blame you. Welcome to the kinky, sexy, raunchy, radical, funny podcast of “Not Your Mama’s Sex”. We are the show that “goes there” and your co-hosts Relationship Enhancement Specialist Myoshi and Mr. Podcast himself Rob Lee welcomes back all our sexy listeners! If you are new to the show, start from episode one and catch up with us. Get to know us a little bit better you will certainly thank us later…. 

This week the podcast starts its three week arch of “Even the Backdoor” an in-depth look at all things anal. Now for our loyal listens you will remember back in week three when the co-hosts did a quick class for beginners in Myoshi’s Anal 101 class. Well, this is going to be your AP in-depth version. In part one of the arch, you will learn how to talk to your partner about anal and learn about what questions to ask your partner when it comes to testing their comfort level of anal play. “We go there” with tackling one of the reasons why people have hesitation with anal play, cleanliness! Learn five easy steps of anal hygiene and anal play prepping to get over those fears of uncleanliness. Lastly but certainly not least, let’s revisit anal training for a bit and learn a little bit about the anatomy of the anus with some #factsonfacts.
Before the Main Course, there always has to be some Foreplay where the co-hosts give you a sneak peek into the twists and turns of their love lives… Your Relationship Enhancement Specialist, Myoshi has come to the conclusion that she is going to die alone and it has been predicted that the “Not Your Mama’s Sex” Podcast will ruin her dating life. Tune in to hear her take on why she has come to such a dark, (albeit very funny and overly dramatic) conclusion. 
Do you have any suggestion in topics you want to hear? Do you want to give the co-hosts feedback? Would like to be a guest on the show? You can reach the co-hosts @ eventhebackdoor@gmail.com and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @ Not_Your_Mamas_Sex_. 
“Not Your Mama’s Sex” is a sex-positive podcast that focuses on sex, relationships, communication, and kink with facts and life experience from a female and male perspective. Join our co-hosts each Wednesday when a new episode drops and don’t forget to share with your friends!
Warning: Not Your Mama’s Sex is not for the faint of heart! If you have any sexual hang-ups please walk away because this podcast “Goes There”.
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