adventure time

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 175 | Bros Before Prose

The legendary duo, Rob Lee & Dann D., make up after the last episode. Afterward, the guys discuss the upside to self-induced cannibalism, criminals that busted themselves online and Rob gauges…

Failed Pilot 1 | There Once Was A Time Rob & Dann Did A Show For A Bubble Boy

Here's the first episode of the very, and I mean VERY, short-lived Rob Lee & Dann D on Radio Bubble. The legendary duo covers cartoons and Cartoon Network.

Oneshot | Words : The Intellectual Sea of Infamy

A one-shot where fetishes, new definitions, Drake ad-libs and the 3 pulls. Circling The Drain (verb)  Fingering the asshole of a willing recipient Humping &∓ Dumping (verb)  (1.) Cultivating a…