Robservations | Lightweight Racism

They’re not alternative they’re just black folks - it's like marketers want Afropunk to be a demo instead of something organic.   Hey maaaaaaaan, Rob Lee here and I have…

Mtrocast 73 | We Came Up

Rob Phoenix and Rob Lee discuss the week. Stories include Buzzfeed's Questions For Black People, Birth Of A Nation and, as usual, Race relations. Check and share with a friend,…

Mtrocast 58 | Office Serial Killer

An episode Rob Lee & Rob Phoenix talk about the quiet, soft-spoken coworker and a crappy story is revisited.

Mtrocast 41 | Gray Shadow Of Doubt

An episode where hypersexuality, Baltimore protests, and Freddie Gray are discussed by Rob Lee & Rob Phoenix. As always, World's End Rhapsody by Nujabes is our intro.

Mtrocast 26 | Fifty Shades of Brown X Two Hand Jam: Not A Rimjob, A Rim Career

Image/Rhonestreetgardens Whatever you do, please don't murmur An episode were Baltimore television shows are discussed, chav girls and large asses.   Remember mtrthenetwork is found on your favorite podcatcher Subscribe…