Mastermind Team’s Robcast 223 | Fatos, covered in the ashes of his enemies

The episode that will change the MTR universe forever! Where were you when Marvel released the culmination of a decade's worth of films? Will New Challenger be able to withstand…

Geek Stuff | 004 Wolverine Woes

Image/MovieWeb For Geeks, By Geeks   Dann covers the week in geek. On this episode it's comics comics comics! The classic battle between Marvel and DC rages on!

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 122 | Columbusing

Cause you cant knock the hustle!   An episode where unlikeable blacks, Austrailians and Columbusing are discussed.

Geek Stuff | 001 The New Multiverse

Image/Flickr It's the dawn of a brand new podcast! Dann D provides his unique perspective on Gotham, Comic Solicitations and other stories across the multiverse.

Oneshot | MTR Assemble

Download Here!!!! Rob and Torin discuss comics and comic movies such as Marvel's The Avengers. Related articles Oneshot: Aligator Fuckhouse X Drinking A Big Cup Of Torin... ( Oneshot: Yer…